Cartabellotta, the super private anti doctor


One trip after another against the Lombardy Region, guilty, according to Professor Nino Cartabellotta, of fixing the numbers of the infections to reopen first and restart all activities. Heavy accusations, which will all be verified, since a lawsuit has started from Milan against him. But who is Nino Cartabellotta? A 55-year-old surgeon who dedicated his professional commitment to improving the health service. In short, he is one of the most authoritative experts in research and health methodology. His name will not be known to the public as it is in the scientific community, where his work is held in high regard. He is president and scientific director of the Gimbe Foundation, founded in 1996, the one that published the study in which some regions are included, including Lombardy, Liguria and Piedmont and Emilia Romagna, which, in his opinion, should not reopen everything because they would underestimate the infections.

Cartabellotta, however, goes further, stating that the Lombard president Attilio Fontana and the commissioner Giulio Gallera would make up the numbers. We don’t know what moved the doctor and researcher to make statements so heavy and all to prove. If on the one hand the study of the Gimbe Foundation shows which regions are most at risk, and which is not to be doubted, on the other, Cartabellotta’s words highlight a certain prejudice towards Lombard health care. On the other hand, the region defined as an excellence in terms of health, so much so that for decades it has attracted patients from all over Italy for the quality of care, it has faced a pandemic that has put its resistance to the test. As in all of Italy, after all. But this is not what Cartabellotta disputes. But the model. Too much private health. It matters little that in everyday life you show that you have no competitors. So an extraordinary event, the coronavirus, reopens the public-private confrontation. And the president of the Gimbe Foundation, who has always been a supporter of the public service, legitimately has no doubts on which side to stand.

On the other hand, in his work as scientific coordinator of the institutional programs of the Foundation there is #salviamoSSN, aimed at safeguarding a public, fair and universalistic health service. And in his blog as in his editorials on Sole 24Ore Sanità it clearly expresses what its references and its battle are. He spared no criticism, as an expert of course, on the health of the regions, often administered by the center-right. Or when he warned, in an article in the Sole 24Ore, the Minister of Health Roberto Speranza, just installed, by the “Renzian parliamentarians ready to pick too leftist initiatives in favor of public health”.

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