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On 3 June Italy reopens and “Phase 3movements between region and region without more self-certification, but some will remain prohibitions perhaps little known to Italians after 3 months of lockdown and very partial freedoms. For example, remember Republic, “in car or on the motorcycle it remains mandatory to maintain interpersonal distances. “How does the norm of life for motorists and motorcyclists translate?

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By car you can travel all together only if you are part of the same family unitotherwise they will be allowed maximum 2 peopleboth with mask: the driver and a single passenger in the rear seat. Three people, however, if the car is equipped with three rows of seats. Consequently, in motion you will have to travel alone: “passages” allowed only for family members or those who live in the same house. As on other issues, however, the regions can go on their own. In Liguria Governor Toti has signed an order allowing two people to go, even if they are not living together, but only with full helmet and mask.

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