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With the reopening of dealers and the adoption of new rules many habits change. Here’s how sanitizing a Volvo V60 works

Umberto Schiavella

On 4 May, Italian dealers resumed, not without difficulty, all sales and assistance activities thanks to the adoption of a series of measures aimed at ensuring maximum safety for customers and their collaborators. The pandemic has changed gestures and behaviors taken for granted forever, while introducing new and necessary habits. Sanitization thus becomes not only a new word to be adopted, but a practice to be followed strictly, especially in the dealership where you go to buy a new car, a used vehicle or, simply, to make a service or a tire change. Bacteria and viruses must be promptly canceled and eliminated before the car is moved from one driver to another. A critical issue in the dealership, where different people can take turns driving the car every day, primarily by those who accept the car, then by the mechanic who will check it, until the owner withdraws it.

How sanitization occurs

We went to the Sweden Car dealership in Milan to find out how a car is delivered, in particular a Volvo V60, and what the sanitization procedure consists of. The car is sanitized twice. The operation takes place a first time when the car enters the dealership, to ensure safe access to the car of a salon operator. The second sanitization takes place at the exit, i.e. before the owner gets on board to collect the car. This operation is completely free, it is a legal measure that must be respected, not just a health security measure.

Sanitization, the procedure

Sanitization occurs in two stages. The first phase is purely manual. An alcohol-based product is sprayed on the car surfaces and left to act for about 5 minutes. The aim is to kill all bacteria and viruses that may be present, not just Covid-19, after which the solution is removed with a cloth. The second phase involves the use of an aerosol treatment, using a spray bottle of disinfectant spray with active antibacterial ingredients Pmc (Medical surgical device) which is positioned inside the car and, subsequently opened, with the air conditioning system of the auto started with the recirculation function. The product is then sprayed inside, cleaning the air vents of the ventilation system and all surfaces in the passenger compartment. It is a unique system for obtaining total sterilization of the car’s interior and at the same time eliminating all odors.

Volvo V60, the range

It is the average 5-door and 5-seat station wagon of the Scandinavian brand: Volvo V60. The family car at the front replicates the style introduced by the S60 sedan and then highlights its distinctive features through a new front grille crowned by the Volvo steel emblem and the iconic LED headlights with the luminous profile inspired by the famous Mjöllnir, the “Hammer of Thor “. The interiors reproduce what has already been seen on the 90 Series, with the use of natural materials and with the presence of new details on the dashboard and instrument panel. Like all Volvo cars, the V60 is also connected to the network thanks to the infotainment system with internet connection from the Swedish company. The new system features a very intuitive touch screen that acts as a user interface and includes car controls, navigation system, connectivity services and onboard entertainment applications such as Spotify, Pandora, Baidu or TuneIn. The touch screen allows quick and easy access to a whole series of functions, also the integration of the smartphone with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto is available. Volvo V60 is equipped as standard with City Safety technology that combines automatic braking functionality with collision avoidance devices and ensures the management of numerous potential accident scenarios. City Safety is able to detect the presence of pedestrians, cyclists and large animals, such as elk and deer. The driver assistance system Pilot Assist is available as an option and remains active up to a speed of 130 km / h and works on well-marked roads.

Hybrid engines

Volvo V60 is equipped with Volvo’s DriveE range engines. In addition to the petrol and diesel versions, 48 ​​volt mild hybrid variants are available for the V60, as well as two plug-in hybrid options: the T6 Twin Engine Awd unit with a combined power of 340 hp and the T8 Twin engine Engine Awd with power up to 407 HP. Volvo’s Twin Engine plug-in hybrid engine offers all the advantages and performance of a low-emission petrol engine, combined with an electric motor that delivers power when required, guaranteeing reduced emissions, as well as a range of travel in electric mode of over 40 kilometers. All this, as stated by the house, with a reduction in fuel consumption and emissions of up to 15% in real driving conditions. Three versions are available for the hybrid versions: Inscription Expression, Inscription, R-Design and, finally, Polestar Engineered, prices starting at € 57,950.

Petrol and diesel

Volvo V60 is available with petrol engine in the B3 Geartronic, B4 Geartronic and B5 AWD Geartronic versions, versions combined with an eight-speed automatic transmission. The engine is 1,969 cc with powers of 163, 197 and 250 hp respectively. The D3 versions are available with diesel engine, with 6-speed manual transmission, the D3 Geartronic, the D3 AWD Geartronic, the D4 Geartronic, the D4 AWD Geartronic, all with 8-speed automatic transmission and always with a 1,969 cc engine. Powers between 150 Hp for the D3 versions and 190 Hp for the D4. Four versions are available: Momentum Business, Momentum Business Pro, Inscription and R-Design with prices starting from 41.450 euros. But the wide range of the Volvo V60 does not end here: the N1 version is also available, i.e. it is approved as a truck and the V60 Cross Country variant, in two petrol or diesel engines and two versions: Cross Country Business Pro and Cross Country Business Pro Line. Prices starting from 53,300 euros.

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