Car market in crisis, it is thought to remove VAT on electricity


The serious Coronavirus epidemic that hit our country, and the whole world, unfortunately forced us to respect a hard lockdown period, with all commercial activities closed, except those deemed strictly necessary, such as supermarkets and pharmacies.

The economy of our country, and in particular of all of Europe, has been brought to its knees by this serious situation. Here is the reason why the European Union is thinking about the most effective solutions to be able to overcome this economic crisis, which involves the automotive sector, plunged into an unprecedented crisis. Electric cars could be the protagonists of the new revitalization phase of the sector.

In Europe, this whole situation could really give a boost to electricity, putting engines powered by traditional fuels in the background. The government in Italy has allocated, as we well know today, others € 100 million to support the Ecobonus linked to cars and motorcycles, able to guarantee discounts to citizens who decide to buy a new zero-emission vehicle. The European Union also seems to be thinking about the possibility of eliminate taxes in EU countries, with advantages that would obviously change depending on the reference country.

Taking concrete examples, we are talking about 17% in Luxembourg, 22% of VAT in Italy, by 27% in Hungary. Thanks to this decision by the Union, VAT may disappear from the list price of electric cars, and the discount would not be bad, indeed. Therefore, cutting taxes and VAT could really give a big boost to the auto market, in particular to that of electrical solutions, it would also help manufacturers and dealers to lift from this unprecedented crisis, caused by the forced lockdown to contain the Coronavirus epidemic. At the moment there is still nothing official, but we hope that something really can happen.

At this moment the only certainties we have are the push of the Italian government towards micro mobility, the citizens who buy this year a scooter or a bicycle in fact they can benefit from a bonus that reimburses 60% of the expenditure incurred, up to a maximum of 500 Euros. Furthermore, we have seen that incentives related to motorcycles and cars will also increase, but all this may not be enough to revive the automotive market, so we are waiting for more incisive decisions.

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