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Waiting for Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions, we rediscover the most iconic characters of the work linked to Tsubasa Ozora

On August 28th we can get our hands on Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions, the title that will allow us to play as Tsubasa and his companions. After having summarized all the information known so far on the title and its playful structure, and after seeing bonuses, pre-orders, editions and price of the title, we thought that a focus on those who are the most iconic characters in the series would have been interesting, given the choice of Bandai Namco and Tamsoft for which there is also a Charachter Pass (as in fighting games).


It is impossible not to start from the player who gives the work its name. Tsubasa Ozora it is the pivot of the opera, the child prodigy kissed by the god of football who manages to bring football Japan to glory and who is able to establish himself even abroad in the temples of worship of modern football. The link with the ball, the altruism, the determination: Tsubasa embodied the dream of the kids who at the time chased a ball between mud and grass. The moments that made Tsubasa memorable are several: from the rivalry with Hyuga, to the football of the ball signed towards the home of Wakabayashi. From the torn shirt with bandages on the shoulder, to the Twin Shot with Misaki. Some of the most beautiful rivalries have seen him protagonist and his Guided Shoot still echoes in the soccer matches on Thursday evening between bachelors and married like a hiss in the air.


We often forget that Takahashi’s work has highlighted not only the movement players, but also has a strong focus on the goalkeepers and their very important role. Genzo Wakabayashi (“W Genzo” on the hat comes from name and surname) was a myth that today is also mentioned by great goalkeepers of the main European football championships. The respect born between him and Tsubasa, the friendship that will bind them, his determination to become the best goalkeeper and the love for football, placed in front of anything, will make him one of the most loved and iconic characters in the series. Wakabayashi’s techniques also follow a very precise story: at the initial one-handed parades, Genzo added the double jump parade (a reinterpretation of the famous parade of Ken Wakashimazu) using the pole and the crossbar, the heel parade and the parade in Uppercut. The latter will be learned by Wakabayashi during a special boxing training used to face the Levin’s Shot, a very powerful shot capable of knocking down a statue by Stefan Levin, the Swedish champion.

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If we exclude Tsubasa and Wakabayashi, one of the most iconic characters is certainly Kojiro Hyuga. We are talking about one of the most iconic rivals of Tsubasa, the footballer in whom we have all identified ourselves. We are talking about a footballer born in conditions of poverty, whose dream of becoming a footballer is not fueled by the desire to become famous, but to allow his mother to pay the bills. His aggressive style, his anger towards the world, his contempt for comfortable conditions and his iconic rolled up sleeves made him an idol of the little ones, who competed to join Team Hyuga during the games in the park. When it comes to Captain Tsubasa there are a handful of techniques that have become legend: one of them is the Shooting of the Tiger by Hyuga. During the various narrative arcs that see him as protagonist Hyuga will show off various skills such as the Acrobatic Shot with Wakashimazu or the Twin Shot of the Toho together with Sawada, but the only real constant will be the Tiger Shot, a football born and thought to defeat Tsubasa in able to face and overcome the force of the tides.



Taro Misaki is one of Tsubasa’s most iconic friends. The golden pair of Japan, so the duo Tsubasa-Misaki was nicknamed gave several epic moments within the opera. Son of an artist always traveling around the world, Misaki will find his true home in Nankatsu between sincere friends and the joy of the ball. Misaki will not have an easy career, his path will be full of accidents that will prevent him from taking off overseas, although thanks to a trip around the world he will still be able to improve and learn new skills, especially in Africa and France. The Boomerang Shot and the Twin Shot together with Tsubasa are his peculiar abilities.

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Tachibana Bros.

Kazuo and Masao Tachibana they are two homozygous twins who will have an extremely symbolic role within the work. They will represent a difficult obstacle to defeat in the path of Tsubasa and then become a timeless Jolly within the Japanese youth teams. Together with the Tiger Shot, their combined shot called the Infernal Catapult is certainly one of the most iconic shots of the whole work. They will not have many protagonist moments but their contribution in the series will always be present.

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The talent of Jun Misugi it is perhaps one of the most crystalline of the whole work. A real predestined, like Tsubasa if not even stronger. Unfortunately, however, the heart disease that distinguishes him has prevented him over time to establish himself as the best player in the nation. Over time he will be able to overcome his illness and return to play managing to establish himself in the Madrid Olympics, where he will wear his historic jersey number 14. The arch dedicated to him with the clash with Tsubasa and the limited time of Misugi to be able to face him is definitely one of the richest in pathos of the whole work. The offside tactics and becoming Tatsuo Mikami’s second coach made him always present, even when the field didn’t see him as the protagonist. Guided shooting, as for Tsubasa, is one of its peculiarities, even if Misugi is characterized by the reading of the actions on the pitch and the tactical intelligence. It is no coincidence that Takahashi is thought to have been inspired by Johann Cruijff to characterize Jun Misugi.

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Japanese players

Before leaving the Japanese territory it is right to dedicate a paragraph to the players that we will not put individually on this list (you have to make a selection and choose some more iconic) but who play a role of “supporting actors” of great importance in the work. Captain Tsubasa is yes a work based on Tsubasa Ozora, but it is also a collective epic in which the deeds of a large group of kids are told. It is therefore fair to mention: Shingo Aoi, Ishizaki Ryo, Hikaru Matsuyama, Ken Wakashimazu, Sorimachi Kazuki, Yuzo Morisaki, Mamoru Izawa, Teppei Kisugi, Hajime Taki, Shingo Takasugi, Shun Nitta, Takeshi Sawada, Makoto Soda, Hiroshi Jito, Moto Takeshi Kishida, Taichi Nakanishi, Urabe Hanji, Nakayama Masao, Akai Tomeya, Igawa Gakuto, Soga Yuji and Noboru Sawaki. All these in the various national youth teams and in the middle and high school leagues have contributed to giving equally important moments.

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El Cid Pierre

El Cid Pierre is one of Tsubasa’s main international antagonists. Pierre is the captain of the French national team, an all-round director considered one of the best world talents in the role. Graceful in the movements he is very agile and it is almost impossible to steal the ball. His main techniques are an enhanced version of the Effect Shot called the Slider Shot and the Eiffel Tower combination together with Luis Napoleon.

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Perhaps Wakabayashi’s fiercest rival, Karl Heinze Schneider he is one of the most loved international characters. Striker and captain of the German national team, he made the Fire Shot his peculiar move. The Young Emperor shows a strong personality characterized by a kindness off the pitch alongside an iron will on the field, which makes him contemptuous of his opponents and focused on one goal: to win. Together with this shot, however, Schneider joins the Kaiser dribbling and the German Combination together with Margus, Kaltz and Schester.

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Although Leo and Santana are two bitter rivals of Tsubasa, the youthful Brazilian player who best embodies the trappings of Tsubasa’s nemesis is certainly Natureza. The narrative arc that will see Natureza and Tsubasa opposing respectively with Real Madrid and Barcelona makes the idea of ​​how much in the work Natureza is the true antagonist. He is considered the true number 10 of Brazil and will take the place that, in Roberto’s ideas, was to be Tsubasa’s once naturalized Brazilian. Its peculiarities are the tightrope dribbling like the Rouleta, the Sombrero or various types of tunnels and the Flying Guided Shooting which applies an aerial variant to the Tsubasa Guided Shooting. In addition to these techniques, among the various combinations Natureza will develop the combination Full Metal Phantom with Santana on the base of the Twin Shot of Tsubasa and Misaki.

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International players

Leaving Japan, it is right to dedicate a paragraph to the players that we will not put on this list individually (you need to sort and choose some more iconic) but who play a role of great importance in the challenges of the Japanese national team. Juan Diaz, Alan Pascal, Galvan, Ramon Victorino, Luis Napoleon, Manfred Margus, Franz Schester, Dieter Muller, Hermann Kaltz, Santana, Leo, Rivaul, Gino Hernandez, Stefan Levin, Singprasert Bunnak, Konsawatt Bros., Salvatore Gentile, Robson, Mark Owairan, Suarez, Brian Kluivoort, Hans Doleman. The universe of Captain Tsubasa is full of characters charismatic and iconic that we hope will make up a really fun and varied player park to be used in Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions.

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