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About twelve months after joining, the Juventus title is preparing to leave the Ftse Mib. The shares of the Juventus club, therefore, will leave the main list of the Italian stock exchange, which brings together the 40 largest capitalization companies in Italy.ENTER MEDIOLANUM – The decision was made official by the Ftse Italia Index Series Technical Committee and will be operational from Monday 23 March 2020. Banca Mediolanum will enter the Ftse Mib index instead of Juventus. For Juve, a move to the Mid Cap index is planned, which brings together mid-cap companies.

REDUCED CAPITALIZATION – The choice is due to the change in the company’s capitalization. In fact, in recent months the price of the title has fallen by about 30% coming, also due to the problems of the last few weeks for the coronavirus – which has paralyzed the Serie A championship with repercussions on the accounts of all Italian football clubs – under the euro per share.

VALUE UNDER THE EURO PER SHARE – How he writes in January 2019 the title had exceeded 1.4 euros. A value that today, given the situation of Italian football in general, seems very far away. For the moment, therefore, Juventus will have to settle for the Mid Cap list in Piazza Affari. Even today, on a day complicated for the entire list, the Juventus title is losing just over 2%. The market capitalization, to date, is just under 1.2 billion euros. Banca Mediolanum has a capitalization of around 5 billion euros.

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