Cannabis, CBD Cannabis and Medical Cannabis


Cannabis: a thousand-year history

Cannabis is a plant that has accompanied humans for millennia with its multiple properties and infinite applications. Over the course of the 20th century, the dispute between supporters and detractors of this plant has deepened sharply and, in recent years, new nuances have added to this fascinating discussion.

The birth of the new CBD Cannabis market, also called Cannabis Light, as well as the growing interest in Medical Cannabis, find ample space in the debate at national and international level.

Cannabis, CBD Cannabis and Medical Cannabis, are we talking about the same thing?

When we talk about Cannabis, Cannabis CBD or Medical Cannabis we speak of a common origin, namely the Cannabis plant: in practical terms, however, we refer to very different realities from each other.

The Cannabis plant is known for its so-called “plasticity”, characterized by the ability of the new generations to express different characteristics from the previous ones; this depends on the different environmental factors to which they are subjected, such as sunlight, temperature or altitude.

Over the decades, man has selected, adapted and modified the varieties of cannabis plants and the conditions within which plants have evolved; this has led to the development of plants with extremely heterogeneous and varied characteristics.

Among the main parameters to be observed when talking about Cannabis we find THC, which characterizes the level of psychotropic effect of a flower.

Cannabis available on the illegal market (or in the countries that have legalized it such as some states of the United States of America) is in all respects considered as amazing; inside we find very high levels of THC, a feature that defines its psychotropic effect. In marijuana varieties, which are substantially illegal throughout Europe, with rare exceptions, it is easy to find THC concentrations that exceed 25%, with the consequent profoundly psychoactive effect.

As regards CBD Cannabis, the varieties legally grown in Switzerland, as in the case of MA True Cannabis, are characterized by a very low level of THC in favor of a high concentration of CBD (Cannabidiol), cannabinoid characterized by the absence of psychoactive affects and characterized by calming, muscle relaxant and pain relieving properties.

Interestingly, based on the historical data analyzed, the CBD cannabis varieties are very similar, in terms of THC content, to the famous flowers smoked in the 60s-70s, characterized by a very low level of THC.

As for Medical Cannabis, the analysis deserves a dedicated article. In practical terms, the drugs currently on the market, derived from Cannabis, are normally characterized by a very high concentration of THC and / or CBD depending on the objectives that the doctor intends to pursue.

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