“Cancer of politicized justice, but judges are untouchable” – Libero Quotidiano


The mess between politics and the judiciary to do away judicially Matteo Salvini has been discovered, he writes Alessandro Sallusti in his editorial on Newspaper. Clear reference to Palamara case. But the majority has come up with a way to deny permission to try the League leader for the case Open Arms. The decision not to try Salvini, taken by the Senate junta, will now have to be confirmed by the Chamber in the coming weeks, but everything suggests that this time Salvini will not end up in prison.

The plan of his enemies, however, remains standing. Because, writes the journalist, it is profound and the cancer of politicized justice and justicialist politics is widespread. Should we believe that such people are sincere when they say they want to reform justice? Sallusti wonders. The scandal that is emerging, returning to the Palamara affair, is to be considered only an accident on the way, an unpleasant unforeseen event. Why in this country woe betide the magistrates.

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