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Inter is passion, heart and love, just as the President said recently Moratti for his 75 years. In fact, the great sports and organizational car called F.C. Milan international not only does it represent the glorious history of football Italian, but it is also a winning reference for the future of young generations who will know how to take care of the ball wisely on football fields all over the world, or use it as a stimulus for the thousands of challenges that the life of each of us is dotted with daily.

Precisely to combine the world of sport with that of social responsibility, the Nerazzurri club can currently count on countless initiatives to promote the values ​​of sport in countries with economies in difficulty (through Inter Campus), as well as experience at a technical and competitive level of the Youth Sector for all those who wish, one day, to be part of it as protagonists (through Inter Academy).

A varied world, that of black and blue striped solidarity, born in 1997 with the official opening of the first Inter Campus in Brazil and which today, 23 years later, can boast of as many as 28 structures in as many countries, including Italy. From Cambodia to Poland, from Bolivia to Cameroon, but not only: United States of America, Mexico, Argentina, Iran, Israel. In short, only the Oceanic continent is missing and Inter brings the passion for football really everywhere, also thanks to collaborations with exceptional institutional partners such as UNICEF and UNDP (United Nations Development Program), all together with the common goal of providing pre-school age children that “Right to Play” which allows to express their potential also in contexts of educational, economic and social underdevelopment.

As a polar star of this journey in solidarity, Inter Campus does not lack a real “Charter of Values“(Written entirely in English) with the description of all those principles of” ethical spirit “(Inter Campus Charter of Values) who must inform the conduct of those who work and, above all, learn at Inter Campus. An example of sportsmanship, rigor and honesty which, moreover, bears the signature of the Nerazzurri club and which places the Moratti family once again at the center of the club’s life with targeted companies such as this that underline the ethics and correctness expressed unequivocally under the two glorious presidencies of the Cavalier Angelo and the President of the Triplete, his son Massimo.

Moving on to less socially committed but equally serious and worthy initiatives, the Inter Academy makes available to young people with a passion for the most beautiful sport in the world the equipment and professionals who train young people in the Youth Sector of the beloved. There are programs available that are purely focused on field skills or, for the older ones, on the “Mourinhian” skills of tactics and movements on the pitch. A portfolio of unique experiences for one full immersion in the 360 ​​degree world of Nerazzurri. So many possibilities, one love called Inter.

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