Campania, the nightlife closes at one o’clock: new ordinance of De Luca. Stop selling alcohol after 10pm


The nightlife venues will close by one. A new ordinance from the President of the Region Vincenzo De Luca moves the obligation to close at 11 pm on the day when the mayor de Magistris announced an ordinance to open everything.Following the problems recorded last weekend and the meetings held with the Chambers of Commerce during the week – reads the note from the Region – the following has been arranged:
a) it is forbidden to sell alcoholic beverages, with any alcohol content, after 22.00 by any commercial activity (including bars, kiosks, pizzerias, restaurants, pubs, wineries, supermarkets) and with vending machines ;b) from 22.00 to 6.00, it is forbidden to consume alcoholic beverages, of any grade, in public areas and open to the public, including villas and municipal parks;

c) for bars, ‘baretti’, wineries, ice cream shops, patisseries, kiosks and itinerant administration of drinks, the faculty of opening is allowed starting from 5.00 and the obligation to close by 01 is required : 00, with the obligation of administration exclusively at the counter or at the tables starting from 22.00.

– As per previous ordinance, there are no restrictions on the closing times of restaurants, pubs and pizzerias.

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