Call of Duty Warzone: here’s how to open the mysterious bunker 11


Just these days Call of Duty Warzone has undergone a major update with an approximate weight of 30 gb. Given the capacity of this patch, it is inevitable that the developers have inserted a series of novelties that inevitably moved the world community. In addition to adding various skins, projects for new weapons and so on, one of the biggest changes was the possibility of entering bunkers thanks to the cards found only in the orange supply boxes. Inside the bunkers it is therefore possible to find a series of crates so that you can prepare yourself better during the game.

If the first mystery has finally been solved, in a few hours the users of Call of Duty Warzone have found another particular secret, we are obviously talking about the mysterious bunker number 11, which recently has made headlines about some players who used it as a trap. In this news we will reveal the way to enter and what you will find inside, reminding you that you will need to solve a particular easter eggotherwise you will not be able to enter.

As we said earlier, if you only needed a special card in the other bunkers, to enter this refuge you will have to solve a puzzle. To solve it, just follow these points:

  • Interacting with one of the telephones scattered on the Verdansk map (for example the one located in Dam), you will have to find the right one, if you feel “busy” it is not the right one.
  • You must listen carefully to the call and translate three precise numbers (the language is Russian)
  • Immediately after deciphering the code you will have to interact with other handsets located in certain areas, you will hear a “beep”If you have found the correct phones
  • Go to bunker 11 located north of the military base

Note well that only aSome phones will give you the famous codefor this reason, a little while ago we inserted a detailed video which explains carefully where they are. Also, being that many of you will not have studied the Russian, below we will list the vocabulary of these from 0 to 9. Don’t worry, it will be possible to listen to the call as many times as you want, you just have to be careful of the possible enemies that will appear in front of you.

  • 0 = no
  • 1 = adin
  • 2 = dua
  • 3 = tri
  • 4 = cityrias
  • 5 = flat
  • 6 = scest
  • 7 = siem
  • 8 = vosim
  • 9 = dieviat

Always from the video posted above you can see all areas where the mysterious telephones are present. If you manage to enter bunker 11 you will have a series of supply crates as a reward, the project for the MP7 Mud Drauber (a submachine gun), obtainable only and exclusively in this way. Obviously the refuge hides other secrets, such as a countdown that stops at “2” and a red button, mysteries that will probably be solved with the arrival of the next season of Call of Duty Warzone

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