Call of Duty Warzone: a weapon turns into a dog, here’s the absurd glitch


Call of Duty Warzone it is not absolutely new to glitches of all sorts, and after each patch it seems that it snacks more and more, some of which require more attention regarding the resolution, others instead simply trigger hilarity, as these are somewhat improbable and unusual errors. And here, then, that a new glitch has been discovered, where a submachine gun turns into a dog, once its owner is eliminated.

The glitch in question was discovered by a user known as “cmwhph32u1” on Reddit, where he posted his ironic discovery: alongside the body of a newly eliminated player, the user noticed that the weapon held by the eliminated player was transformed into a battle dog, at first glance attributable to Riley, the dog that can be used as a finisher move. Once approached the figure of the motionless dog, it can be noted that the latter does not present any name of a specific weapon, if not “personalized submachine gun”.

A custom SMG from CODWarzone

Once collected, however, the weapon returns to normal by revealing itself as one variant of the MP7 submachine gun. Apparently this seems to be a rather rare glitch, as no other similar findings have been reported in the world of Call of Duty Warzone. Recall also that this is not the first time that the battle royale has given a similar glitch: only a few months ago the same thing happened with the AX-50 sniper rifle, who turned into a battle dog after its owner has been eliminated.

However, the problems that still plague Call of Duty Warzone are far more serious in nature than such a glitch, which does nothing but harm to arouse simple comicality. For example, many players are unhappy with the latest changes to the arsenal of weapons in the Gulag, which would favor too much the camping of the players who challenge each other to return to battle.

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