Call of Duty Warzone, a glitch shows a new healing item


Call of Duty Warzone updates sometimes generate glitches that let players discover some new things. This is the case we are talking about today, where players have found themselves with a new object of care: the bandages, or at least with its animation.

Is it possible that this new tool could be introduced during the next update expected for June? The fact is that it appeared totally randomly and only to certain players. This new introduction could allow you to regenerate life manually and no longer only with the armor plates in the game or automatically. Below you can see the user on reddit “regnilsemaj” publish a short clip dedicated to this strange glitch. The animation was caused by the use of a reinforcement plate to regenerate the last “shield” notch.

BANDAGES? Can some please explain? from CODWarzone

According to some experts, actually, this blindfold will not come with season 4, but it simply could be a remnant of an old idea during the Warzone development phase. The developers had thought of a model of cure very similar to what was seen in Fortnite, subsequently changing his mind with the Armor Plate. Having said that, it is not said that this new care tool can actually arrive in June, but it might be worth taking it into consideration, especially for those who play assiduously in the Activision title.

We remind you that Warzone season 4 will start on June 4th on all platforms. There are a number of glitches and issues to fix and Infinity Ward is already working on fixing it, especially the entire helicopter hitbox. As always we will keep you updated on any news on the game and on everything that could be introduced in the coming weeks. Meanwhile, let us know that the current youth care system satisfies you or you prefer a model similar to that seen in Fortnite. Use the space reserved for comments to possibly have your say.

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