Call of Duty Modern Warfare, a video reveals the possible weapons of Season 4


The arrival of Season 4 of Call of Duty Modern Warfare it becomes more and more fearless, with the promise of bringing, as usual, a multitude of new contents in the form of new maps, new characters, cosmetics and, last but not least, weapons. And speaking, in this case, of armaments, it seems that the next season could be really interesting from this point of view.

Recently, a new video on the subreddit dedicated to Call of Duty Modern Warfare was published in which a user showed the new weapons that could be added soon, and there is really something for everyone: we can count about 4 different weapons, unlike the usual 2 weapons that we have been used to receiving so far, so if they are all introduced with the next update, Season 4 will probably be the richest in content among all. Among the weapons found, therefore, we note the presence of a new assault rifle, a submachine gun, a sniper rifle and a melee weapon.

Historical fans of the Call of Duty saga will surely remember the submachine gun and assault rifle, which are nothing more than a submachine gun Vector .45 it’s a Galil, introduced respectively in Modern Warfare 2 and Black Ops. Particularly interesting is that at first glance the Vector, here nicknamed “Fennec .45”, will only be able to fire in 3-round bursts. Another detail not to be overlooked is the fact that the Galil and the sniper rifle are still devoid of any texture, even it seems that the sniper also lacks the animation of the recoil, and this suggests that they are weapon models not yet ready to be included in the game.

However, the presence of the Vector .45 is almost certain, as it also appears in the Season 4 presentation video. About two weeks ago another machine gun was leaked which apparently has been lost track, since in the video it is not shown. Probably, some weapons shown in the video will be introduced in the next Call of Duty Modern Warfare Seasons, as they may need more tests and more work to be finished. In addition, we conclude by reminding you that in the game there will be double EXP points, find all the details in this article.

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