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There is still a month to go at the beginning of the summer season, but it is already hot alert in California – According to the American National Weather Service, the peak of heat is expected from Tuesday for several desert areas, a phase that will persist non-stop until at least next Friday.

A robust anticyclonic field will be further strengthened, drawing masses of very hot air, especially on the southern side of California. “Expect hot days inland, and particularly in desert areas where the sea breeze will have little effect,” said the NWS.

The expected temperatures – In Death Valley National Park it will be possible to reach 115-120 degrees Farenheit (46-48 ° centigrade) while in Joshua Tree National Park, between 104 and 114 (40-45 ° C). Maximum and minimum values ​​expected in the main locations: Los Angeles, 86 and 64; Pasadena, 91 and 66; Woodland Hills, 90 and 64; Long Beach, 79 and 61; Redondo Beach, 73 and 62; Anaheim, 87 and 63; Huntington Beach, 74 and 63; Riverside, 96 and 61; San Bernardino, 97 and 62; and Ontario, 93 and 65.

COVID-19 government authorities fear gatherings of citizens looking for refreshment in city parks and along the coasts. All beaches remain closed in Sonoma County. In Marin and San Francisco counties, many are open, including the beaches of Stinson, Muir and Ocean. But the parking lots are closed to avoid displacements and the arrival of foreigners, thus favoring access only to residents who can walk or ride a bicycle. Many beaches in San Mateo County are open, but only for running, walking and water sports, albeit with closed parking lots.

In Santa Cruz County, all beaches are closed from 11am to 5pm every day, with offenders subject to a $ 1,000 fine, although it is allowed to cross the beach for surfing or swimming at any time. The Santa Cruz County Public Health Bureau said beach gatherings are currently “the biggest threat” in a county that has so far seen only two deaths from COVID-19.

On Friday the fresh ocean currents will decree the end of this red-hot phase – The flow of ocean air will move inland, especially in view of the next weekend, resulting in a significant drop in temperature and the formation of frequent cloud cover as it moves from the coast towards the hinterland.

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