Calabria, “22 rigged tenders”: 63 arrests and 103 million euros seized. The deputy of the Furgiuele League investigated


There is also the League deputy Domenico Furgiuele among the suspects in the “Waterfront” investigation which this morning led to the arrest of 63 people including 11 public officials et al seizure of assets for 103 million euros. The Carroccio MP is accused of auction disturbance in competition. The investigators are in the crosshairs twenty-two rigged tenders for 100 million euros. The operation in the municipality of Gioia Tauro which gave its name to the anti-mafia operation taken this morning at dawn.

To the parliamentarian of Lamezia Terme, son-in-law of the entrepreneur Salvatore Mazzei (already convicted of mafia offenses) the prosecutor Giovanni Bombardieri and by the adjunct Gaetano Paci contest the competition in auction disturbance as the legal representative of the “Terina” company that had participated in a tender for which the DDA found traces of chords on another suspect’s computer.

The investigation is the result of the operation “Cumbertazione“Which, in 2017, had shed light on the system that the clan-friendly gangs and businesses used to grab numerous public works on the Gioia Tauro plain. Also this time, many entrepreneurs linked to the mafia family of the ended up in handcuffs Piromalli which has lengthened its tentacles on the program of interventions for urban development that were part of the “Waterfront” project.

Over 500 soldiers of the provincial command of the Guardia di Finanza of Reggio Calabria e Central organized crime investigation service they were busy all night to carry out the precautionary and property measures in the provinces of Reggio Calabria, Catanzaro, Cosenza, Vibo Valentia, Messina, Palermo, Trapani, Agrigento, Benevento, Avellino, Milan, Alessandria, Brescia, Gorizia, Pisa, Bologna and Rome.

The “Waterfront” operation, according to the investigators, “represents the epilogue of the investigations conducted by the Gico del Nucleo of the economic and financial police of Reggio Calabria, aimed at contrasting the entrepreneurial profiles of the gang of ‘ndrangheta Piromalli, operating in the Gioia plain Tauro. ” According to investigations conducted by the colonel’s men Flavio Urbani , there was a real “criminal cartel made up of entrepreneurs and public officials held responsible, for various reasons, for criminal association aimed at the auction disturbance aggravated by the mafia facilitation, fraud in public supplies, corruption and other serious crimes “.

THE ARRESTED- At the request of the Dda, the investigating magistrate Filippo Aragona issued a pre-trial detention order for 63 people. 14 ended up under house arrest, including entrepreneurs Francesco Bagalà (43 years old), Francesco Bagalà (30 years old), Giorgio Morabito, Giorgio Ottavio Barbieri, Carlo Cittadini, Domenico Gallo. But also the Anas official Giovanni Fiordaliso and the officials of the Municipality of Gioia Tauro, Angela Nicoletta and Francesco Mangione who, together, held the position of works director and sole manager of the procedure for the majority of the contracts relating to the Waterfront and other public works called with Pisu funds, allowing to the legal representatives of the winning companies, to be able to making huge profits against the Calabria region and of European Community who co-financed the structural redevelopment projects. In relation to 20 suspects, the judge for preliminary investigations ordered the submission to the judicial police plus 29 other temporary prohibitions to carry out entrepreneurial activity. There finance guard has applied the seals to 36 companies which have a value of 103 million euros. In addition, the judicial authority ordered the preventive seizure, for 9 and a half euros, of the movable and immovable property of seven suspects.

57 ENTREPRENEURS A SINGLE SIGN According to investigators, there was a only illicit cartel made up of 57 entrepreneurs capable of winning 22 public tenders through auction disturbances aggravated by the mafia concession. Between 2007 and 2016, in fact, the contracting stations of the Municipalities of Gioia Tauro and Rosarno and the single contracting station (Suap) of Reggio Calabria they managed tenders for over 100 million euros.

The system was simple and involved 43 Calabrian, Tuscan, Sicilian and Campania companies the offers agreed to be submitted for the tender in order to guarantee the award of the contract to one of the cartel companies. If this failed, illicit maneuvers they concerned subcontracting and the chartering procedure. The aim was always to control the tender and the consequent execution of the works entrusted, however, to the companies of the various consortiums that ensured the so-called “environmental bribe“To cosca Piromalli by Gioia Tauro. For the DDA, “in this system, supported by a composite glue made of ‘ndranghetistica imposition and collusion, the aim pursued by the criminal association was to guarantee control of the public tenders launched by the Calabrian contracting stations “. The criminal association was led by the “colluded” entrepreneurs Bagalà and Morabito. It is they, according to the investigators, who made low of Community funds by making money from the public bodies for which they were intended.

THE COMPLICITY OF MUNICIPAL EXECUTIVES – For investigators of the financial guard, the “Waterfront” investigation revealed a “systematic fraud in public supplies“Which went through” widespread accounting and administrative irregularities “and” variations during the course of work, differences with respect to the projects approved in the execution of the works and in the use of materials, omitted static tests, partial deliveries, irregular surety policies, tests not performed on the quality and thickness of bituminous asphalts.

Among the works on which the DDA investigated there are important works to be destined for public utility such as the Sports Hall, the underground Parking and the Multifunctional Center of Gioia Tauro, as well as the Centro Polisportivo of Rosarno. Prosecutors speak of clear complicity of public officials. And if for the engineer Fiordaliso, the DDA claims that there is one “stable corrupt relationship“With the entrepreneur Domenico Gallo (the Anas official would have received 94 thousand euros from his wife’s account), the yellow flames also ascertained the role played by the manager of the Technical Office of the Municipality of Gioia Tauro, the engineer Angela Nicoletta, by the architect Francesco Mangione, by the rup Alessandra Campisi and by the municipal secretary of Rosarno Maria Alati. The survey also involved various construction managers, technicians and testers such as Pierluigi Risola, Antonino Crea, Michele Gabriele and Vincenzo Bressi.

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