buying PS4 PRO and Xbox One X now, 250 euro discount on the next-gen –


GameStopZing has created a new promotion to allow you to immediately play the best games on the market and then get a discount to make the generational leap first of all. Just buy it PS4 PRO and Xbox One X now, pay a deposit of 150 euros and you can have it 250 euros discount on the purchase of PS5 and Xbox Series X when they are officially announced.

Here’s how the initiative works: until June 30, 2020 you can buy a console of your choice between Xbox One X and PS4 PRO. This will allow you to have an extra-evaluation of € 250 on the same, to be used to move to the next-gen.

The mechanism of extravalutazione allows you to guarantee the new generation at a truly unique price.

Here’s how to do it in a few simple steps:

  1. Purchase a console of your choice from Xbox One X or PS4 PRO
  2. Request pre-emption on Next Gen (Xbox Series X or PS5)
  3. Pay a deposit of € 150
  4. Wait for the confirmation email to finalize the reservation of the new machine in the shop

The € 250 discount will be applied to the console release, bringing Xbox One X or PS4 PRO more to the store 2 valid games for promotion. The initiative is reserved only to those who make the purchase in the shop and only if the pre-emption is contextual, a fundamental step to join the promotional campaign. It will then remain only to complete the reservation when these will be officially inaugurated respectively by Microsoft and Sony.

The only pre-emption does not in itself guarantee the reservation of the machine, but only the possibility of book it before the others. GameStopZing will inform all its customers via email on how to complete the request. However, it is necessary to verify that you are entitled to be contacted by GameStopZing. The current legislation on privacy provides that only customers who have specifically requested it can receive commercial communications. So what to do? Simply log into your account and check your privacy settings.

Will you take advantage of it?

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