Buying Guide. 5 eBike trekking around the city … but not only!


THEThe mobility bonus is designed to encourage people living in cities to move around by bicycle to leave their car in the garage. The idea of ​​our purchase guide goes a step further and we present 5 pedal assisted bicycles that will allow you to leave your car in the garage even during the weekend.

The idea is to make the most of our eBike both in the city for commuting and for trips in the countryside during the weekend, perhaps even putting the wheels off the road.

There are many options on the market that could be interesting, this type of bike is often called trekking, but we don’t want to close other options.
To compile our list we looked at the price, but above all at a series of technical parameters that make the difference in this type of use.

– A motor (not at the hub) with a torque equal to or greater than 60Nm. The motors mounted inside the wheels do not provide adequate power or control especially on gravel or on difficult surfaces.

– Quality battery. It goes without saying that if you want to travel a certain distance we need a battery that has sufficient autonomy.

– Cushioning. If we want to have fun and relax by bike, enjoy our rides, we must first of all be comfortable. Comfort should therefore not be underestimated. It is therefore important that it is amortized at the front, even better if bi-amortized.

– Good brakes, electric bikes are heavier, they need good brakes especially on variable surfaces.

– Tires capable of coping with different conditions. Sliding on asphalt but with a minimum of tessellation to tackle wet and light dirt roads.

In our selection we have tried to insert models of different price ranges always keeping in mind the characteristics listed above. The advice to avoid buying super cheap eBike models (under € 1,000) remains valid. Often they are not very long-lived and in case of breakage the components are nowhere to be found.

Here is our list, strictly in alphabetical order.

Atala Cute EVO Man € 1,549 (€ 1,049 with the bonus)

TOtala is a well-known Italian bicycle brand that probably has the widest range of bicycles and has a significant price range. The designs are simple in style and the function is put in the foreground, especially in the cheaper models. The Cute Evo, also available in the female variant, has the features we are looking for at an excellent price.

The components are Shimano, it has a very powerful engine (80 Nm of torque) and a 400 Wh battery. The power unit at this price cannot be expected to be from a noble brand. The frame has an essential but functional structure and has a semi-integrated battery design. Since Atala is a well-known company, we can recommend this type of bike as it has guaranteed after-sales support.

The Cute is fully equipped for the city which also includes lights. It has just enough specs to be able to drive off-road on dirt roads, but the size and type of wheel are at the limit for trekking.

Bergamont E-Horizon 6 400 Wave € 2299 (€ 1,799 with bonus)

The Bergamont E-Horizon 6 has a very clean and elegant modern design and uses a Bosch motor with 400 Wh battery. It is equipped with lights, a Shimano suspension and hydraulic disc brakes. The wheel set is robust and will allow easy driving on both asphalted and gravel roads. The value for money of this abici is absolutely excellent. The frame allows easy access to all and thanks to a wide range of sizes also for all heights.

Cannondale Tesoro Neo X € 2,999. (€ 2,499 with bonus)

Un recognized brand with a long history and updated design. Tesoro Neo X (read our test) is of excellent quality with a Bosch motor and integrated 500 Wh battery. It has a decidedly sportier style with a double use of city / trekking. Fully equipped with lights, good brakes and very very good wheels for off-road and on-road use, it will be difficult not to have fun. Interestingly, the bike also has a suspension seat post and a quality suspension fork.

This is the type of bike that can replace your car for commuting, but it is also perfect for outdoor physical activity over long distances.

Canyon Pathlite: ON 5.0 € 2,599 (€ 2,099 with bonus)

Canyon which offers one of the most pleasant online shopping experiences and also allows you to save money. The Pathlite: ON 5.0 has a design between city bike and explorer bike, with a modern and essential style. This bike also has a six year warranty.

Specialized Turbo Vado SL 4.0 € 3199 (€ 2,699 with the bonus)

Vwe also used to insert a City / Trekking model that took all the limits of technology, weight and style to the extreme. Turbo Vado SL weighs only 14.9 kilos, almost 10 kilos less than many ebikes, can be customized through an app for sports or for use in the city and has a light engine of the latest generation with the possibility of adding an optional battery that brings the range to 195 km.

Such a light weight facilitates all inconvenient operations, if for example we have to lift it to go up a flight of stairs. The price, considering the level of technology, is good, especially if we take advantage of the bonus. Specialized with this technology but designed for offloading or on the road cost almost double.

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