“But in that dinner with Pignatone the trojan failed” – Libero Quotidiano


The power of attorney’s indication was to turn everything off only if Luca Palamara he met with parliamentarians. He writes it Daily fact, which gives news of a message sent on the night between 8 and 9 May 2019 from the Rome prosecutor to the Guardia di Finanza to remember the only rule: if it appears that the prosecutor “is close to meeting an MP, it will be your care do not activate the microphone because it would no longer be a direct interception ”. There is however a dinner that no trojan has intercepted, which occurred among other things in suspicious times compared to the recommendation of the prosecutor: it is that of 9 May 20219 and sees Palamara at the table with her chief prosecutor, Giuseppe Pignatone, who has just retired.

Only a few traces remain of the cenna: one dates back to 15.54 on 9 May, when the trojan is perfectly functional and intercepts Palamara while talking about the meeting scheduled for the evening with his partner Daniela Attisani. Then at 18.08 the prosecutor calls the owner of the restaurant to ask him for the time of the reservation, which was carried out for eight people. After that, highlight the fact, there is no longer any trace of conversations captured by the trojan until the following day: “We are sure that nothing criminally relevant, let alone embarrassing – writes Antonio Massari – would have emerged from their conversations in a farewell dinner with friends. But the Palamara trojan, which intercepted magistrates of all levels that evening he misfired“.

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