but citizens have little faith in reimbursement


“Excuse me, there is a line of people, I have to go back to work”. A very common answer in these shooting days: but the strange fact is that the queue is no longer in the supermarket, but in the bicycle shops of Ravenna. A rhythm of work out of the ordinary, and the reason is simple: everyone is attracted by the bike bonus, a form of incentive launched by the Government in the Relaunch Decree to encourage sustainable mobility and that offers those who buy a bicycle – but also a scooter, a hoverboard or segway – a discount of up to 500 euros.

This “mobility bonus” has been reserved for all adult citizens residing in Municipalities with a population of over 50,000 inhabitants (and in the provincial or regional capitals) and provides reimbursements of up to 60% of the cost incurred for the purchase of bikes and other electric vehicles. Add to this the Bike To Work project promoted by the Emilia Romagna Region and here is the explanation for an exceptional workload, which involves numerous Ravenna shops that sell bikes and other “green” vehicles. The volume of sales increases, an absolutely positive figure after the crisis period caused by the Coronavirus, but the effort for the Ravenna shopkeepers is concentrated in a few weeks and, even here, the explanation is easy to find: citizens fear to “lose” the bonus.

Bike sales are growing

“We have the queue – say from the shop Il Pedale in via Fiume Abbandonato – There is really a lot of work and everything concentrated in a few days, so much so that we calculate up to 30-40% more sales. We sell all Italian bike brands Scooters are not required “.

“They are doing well, sales have definitely increased compared to last year – says Manuele Calisti of the shop of the same name – There was a big wave in early May, then it dropped a bit”. The best-selling models from the shop in via Lanciani are “mountain bikes, but also many women’s city bikes. Several mothers passed by the shop looking for a bike with a seat to carry their children around“.

Instead, the market for electric bikes is firmer. “Certainly the sale of classic bikes has increased – Armando Di Buono of the historic Cicli Di Buono shop in via Renato Serra also confirms – I specialize in walking bikes and vintage bikes, but I also sold some electric bikes”.

The repayment procedure that does not convince

“The requests for information for the bonus have increased – underline the owners of Pieces of Bikes in via Maggiore – however the need for a digital identity tears the wings of many people, especially older customers. This, together with the lack of clarity on the ministry portal, blocks the customer’s purchase somewhat. ”

In fact, to obtain the bike bonus, a specific web application should be used which is currently being prepared and which will be accessible from the website of the Ministry of the Environment, within 60 days of the publication in the Official Gazette (May 19) of the decree implementing the mobility voucher program. . To access the application it is therefore necessary to have Spid (Public Digital Identity System) credentials. Only in a second phase will the discount be provided directly by the shopkeeper.

A problem that in some cases “stops” the purchase by the citizen. As bike sellers point out, most of Ravenna’s customers know of the existence of the bonus, but have a certain diffidence about how it is paid out. As Manuel Calisti explains, “the application of the bonus is perceived as safer directly by the operator and customers are afraid that there will be no refund at the end. Perhaps there is a little diffidence that blocks the customer at the moment. When we can do the paperwork in the store they will be sure to get the bonus. ”

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“Bonus-Bike” for Municipalities that take important environmental measures

“New incentives for municipalities that are committed to adopting important environmental policies and measures”. The regional councilor of the League Andrea Liverani asked with a question to the council. “Following the mobility bonus set up by the Ministry of the environment, the Emilia-Romagna Region has decided to launch the” Bike to work “project, allocating € 3.3 million to encourage the use of bicycles. It is – he added Liverani – of regional resources made available for the 30 municipalities that are signatories to the Pair (Integrated Regional Air Plan) In addition to the measures already in place, we want to know if the Regional Council intends to allocate additional resources on the “Bike Bonus”, introducing incentives also for all those municipalities that have committed themselves to adopting important environmental policies and measures “concluded Liverani.

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