Business square flat. Europe in decline


(Teleborsa) – Sitting downwards for the main stock exchanges of the Old Continent. Instead it holds the square of Milan which is positioned on the parity line.Slight growth ofEuro / US dollar, which rises to 1.113. L’Gold trading continues with a fractional gain of 0.59%. Strong reduction in oil (Light Sweet Crude Oil) (-3.23%), which touched 32.62 dollars per barrel.

Slightly rising it spread, which stands at +186 basis points, with a timid increase of 2 basis points, with the 10-year BTP yield equal to 1.42%.

Among the Euroland indices in red Frankfurt, which highlights a marked fall of 0.92%, stands out the negative performance of London, which drops 0.98%, and basically weak Paris, which recorded a decline of 0.68%.

No significant change for the Milanese list, with the FTSE MIB which stood on the eve values ​​at 18,333 points; in the same line, the FTSE Italia All-Share, with the prices positioned at 20.068 points. Without direction the FTSE Italia Mid Cap (+ 0.04%), like the FTSE Italia Star (0.0%).

The sectors are distinguished in Piazza Affari utility (+ 1.78%), telecommunications (+ 1.12%) e sanitary (+ 1.08%).

In the lower part of the ranking of the Italian share price list, significant decreases occur in the sectors raw material (-1.89%), Petroleum (-1.85%) e household goods (-1.79%).

Top of the ranking of the most important titles of Milan, we find DiaSorin (+ 3.63%), Is in the (+ 2.08%), Terna (+ 2.07%) e Unicredit (+ 1.51%).

The worst performances, however, are recorded on Pirelli, which gets -3.43%.

ENI it drops 2.71%.

Breathless Fiat Chrysler, which retreated by 2.67%.

Thud of Ferragamo, which shows a 2.62% drop.

Between best titles in the FTSE MidCap, Bank MPS (+ 16.05%), Falck Renewables (+ 6.80%), Rai Way (+ 4.48%) e Illimity Bank (+ 2.50%).

The worst performances, however, are recorded on Cattolica Assicurazioni, which gets -3.63%.

Letter on Danieli, which recorded a significant drop of 3.11%.

It sinks Fincantieri, with a 3.05% fall.

Crolla De ‘Longhi, with a drop of 2.82%.

Between macroeconomic quantities most importantly, the PMI Chicago data will be distributed at 3:45 pm this afternoon of the United States (expected value: 40 points). The PMI in Chicago is a regional index, which shows the views on the performance of the local economy by the purchasing managers of 200 manufacturing companies in the Chicago area, the industrial heart of the United States of America, including Illinois, Indiana and Michigan. .

This afternoon at 4pm, in the United States, the University of Michigan Consumer Confidence will be published, for which analysts estimate 74 points. The University of Michigan Consumer Survey Center conducts a survey of 500 households each month regarding their financial condition and attitude towards the economy. Consumer confidence is directly related to their spending power. Trust and opinion are two ways to evaluate consumer attitudes.

He will come to Japan manufacturing PMI at 02:30 on Monday. The Purchasing Managers Index (PMI) is the index, expressed in points, of a country’s productive activity. It is based on the evaluation of the managers of the purchasing offices and consequently is representative of the production capacity and employment of the manufacturing sector.

(AGI) 29-05-2020 01:00

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