Burned 6 points in a single month: confidence in Conte swoops


Now that the Coronavirus emergency is gradually regressing, with the Italians desperate for a bit of normality and mainly worried about their economic situation, also the confidence in the Prime Minister Giuseppe Conteonce compared to Winston Churchill, it begins to drop.

This is a predictable fact. Once the fear of contagion was left behind, which had led most of the citizens to support the lockdown measures and to look for a prime minister in the Prime Minister reference to cling to in such a dramatic moment for our country, all the executive gaps are now beginning to surface. Too many gaffes (from the release of the bosses, to the push and pull with the Regions), too many difficulties that the Italians are now facing.

According to what can be seen from Ipsos survey by Nando Pagnoncelli published in the “Corriere”, not only Giuseppe Conte has fallen. Matteo Salvini’s League, which still remains the favorite of the Italian people, recorded a drop of 1.1 points compared to last month, remaining however at 24.3%. The Five Star Movement did not go any differently, falling by 1.9 points, stopping at 16.7%. The 2018 election victory is now a distant memory.

The Democratic Party remains stable, which maintains its 21.2%, while Matteo Renzi’s Italia Viva still cannot take off, remaining at 3%. Forza Italia remains in its place, maintaining 7.4%, while Giorgia Meloni’s party is still rising, which has long been a buffer for the M5S. With a 2.1% increase, Brothers of Italy in fact it reaches 16.2%.

The drop in the Carroccio, analysts explain, seems mainly due to a substantial number of disappointed League members who have chosen to give their approval to the other party belonging to the center-right coalition. So much there confidence against Giorgia Meloni, who was highly appreciated even in the most critical period of the pandemic.

Surveys, in any case, must be analyzed for orientation purposes only. Only with the vote will you really know the intention of the Italians.

The decline recorded in the last month, however, cannot fail to worry Prime Minister Conte, so sure of the consent of the citizens. According to the Ipsos survey, the approval of the Prime Minister is down of 6 points, while that towards the government of 3.

A great blow for Giuseppe Conte, who has done so much to obtain the favor of the Italians, even going so far as to be omnipresent on his Facebook page, with interventions, post and direct, just him who once criticized Matteo Salvini and his “Beast”.

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