Burger King launches the triple onion hamburger to “facilitate” social distance


It’s called Social Distancing Whopper. And it’s not just a marketing gimmick, but an “alternative” way to keep those who tend to get too close at bay

(Photo: Burger King Italy)

More than fines or civic assistants could make you breath. With the reopening of its premises in phase 2, Burger King Italia launches the Social Distancing Whopper: the classic hamburger with the addition of three layers of raw onions. Pestilential for the breath, ingenious to keep at bay those who tend to get too close.

The initiative, conceived by the Italian branch of Burger King, it’s not just a marketing gimmick on social distancing. The triple onion sandwich can really be ordered in all the group’s fast food restaurants reopened on May 18 introducing various security measures to adapt to the end of the lockdown: from the removal of the tables to the plexiglass dividers up to the app that allows you to book your seat, order and pay.

To these measures is added with irony the Social Distancing Whopper, for happiness onion lovers (who, we bet, took advantage of the lockdown to stock up on it without guilt). Only warning? Watch out for boomerang effect, if you wear the mask immediately after eating the hamburger

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