Bungie sets the appointment for June 9!


During the fall of this year, a new phase will begin in the sci-fi universe of Bungie, with the launch of the expected Year 4 of Destiny 2.

On the characteristics of this new phase in the life of the Guardians a dense mystery still lingers, but it seems that the first details will be presented soon. To let him understand is a post recently appeared on the pages of the official blog of the software house. Still active exclusively in smart working mode, Bungie announces that the activities are still proceeding as expected and that important innovations are on the horizon.

As a consequence of the international situation, however, these will not be shared at a major event, but by means of a digital appointment. “At the moment we can’t set a date, – it is read – but it will be very soon. It’s a promise“. Reticence, however, seems to have been lesser for Justin Truman, Production Director of Destiny 2. In the same post, in fact, the latter promises to discuss Year 4 of the title “from here to 12 days“Being the update dated May 28, it follows that news are in the pipeline for the June 9! Are you eager to find out more?

Meanwhile, Bungie also confirmed the arrival of Destiny 2 on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, with the Guardians ready to continue their activities also on next-gen.

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