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Borussia leaves only one time to the last in the standings, overwhelmed in the second half. In addition to the English phenomenon, Hazard, Hakimi and Schmelzer also scored

Borussia Dortmund tries to keep the Bundesliga alive. In the second postponement of the 29th day, the Gialloneri won 6-1 at the home of the last in the standings, Paderborn and maintain the detachment from Bayern Munich at 7 points with 7 games still to play. After a fairly balanced first half, in which however Borussia missed a big scoring opportunity with Brandt, the game was unlocked and decided in the second half.

Everything in the second half

He opened the Hazard scoring on 53 minutes and Sancho followed him five minutes later with an easy touch to the empty goal. The game reopened momentarily in the 72nd minute when Emre Can provoked a penalty on the slip by taking the ball with his elbow (very attached to the body to tell the truth). Hunemeier scored the penalty which gave the hosts a little hope, but they were immediately punished by Sancho two minutes later for the 3-1.

Even Sancho for Floyd

In the last 6 minutes Borussia has ramped with the diagonal of Hakimi in the 84 ‘, with the touch of Schmelzer in the 89’ and the third personal goal of Sancho who in the 90 ‘only came in front of the opposing goalkeeper for the easy 6-1 conclusive. Just Sancho wanted to send a message to Floyd, the boy suffocated by the knee of a policeman in Minneapolis whose death is generating violent protests in the US. After the first goal he showed a shirt with the words “Justice for George Floyd”.

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