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All easy for the leaders, who score 5 in 52 ‘and keep Borussia at a distance. Goalkeeper of Jorgensen, Pavard, brace of the Pole and Davies

Music is always the same. Bayern Munich wins, ramps, and hunts for records as well as titles. The Bavarians beat Fortuna Dusseldorf 5-0 in the postponement of the 29th day of the Bundesliga and go to +10 from Borussia Dortmund (who tomorrow plays the derby with Paderborn) second. Jorgensen’s own goal (at 15 ‘), Pavard’s (29’) and Davies (52 ‘) goals and Lewandowski’s double (43’ and 50 ‘) decide. The Flick team has thus won 14 of the last 15 league days, and, with 86 goals in 29 days, can still beat the record of 101 goals scored in a single league (1971-72). Not only that: with today’s two goals, Lewa climbs to 29 centers and detaches Lazio from Ciro Immobile (obviously still at 27) at the top of the Scarpa d’Oro ranking.


Flick chooses the usual 4-2-3-1 with Coman and Gnabry wide and Müller behind Lewandowski. Stay out of Perisic. Bayern started strong and already at 3 ‘created the first chance with Davies who missed the measure of the pass for Lewa who failed to impact the ball. On the 7th minute, the Pole misses the check after a good hitting by Kimmich and is still wasting. At 15 ‘the advantage: from the left Müller crosses from the left and puts the ball on the second post where he catches Gnabry, good at unloading on Pavard who hits the ball and slams twice on a clumsy Jorgensen before ending up on the net. At 29 ‘, the 2-0 result is from the French ex Stuttgart who, on Kimmich’s corner, doubles his head. Bayern play on velvet and even find the 3-0 before the interval: with a nice heel strike Lewandowski throws Kimmich, who leans on Müller, good at returning the ball again to Lewandowski who has no problems to drop the set .


Dusseldorf is not there, Bayern is too superior, and it never manages to create a real reaction. Indeed, it is Bayern who, without even pushing on the accelerator, continues to overwhelm the opponents: the guest defense is embarrassed, he is unable to clear the penalty area well after a rebound that had prevented Lewandowski from going to the shooting and Gnabry, from the right, reaches the bottom and unloads on the Polish player who drops his poker heel. In the 52nd minute the 5-0 also arrives: Goretzka loses the ball, Davies is good at regaining it and surpasses four opponents before beating the goalkeeper again. In the last minutes Bayern not only makes turnover (within Cuisance, Perisic, Odriozola, Zirkzee and the newcomer Batista Meier, born in 2001), but also experiments, with Lewandowski who often backs up and even plays in midfield leaving room for his teammates. The result, however, no longer changes, just like the Bavarian rule, which has lasted for years. With the music that is always the same in Germany.

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