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“And even for the girl there is a disciplinary procedure if she signs me up after six months for no reason …”: to say it was Luca Palamara with his friend Luigi Spina, resigning member of the CSM, in an interception to the acts of the investigation by the prosecutor of Perugia. To report it is “La Nazione”, linking the reference to the PM Gemma Miliani, owner of the file with his colleague Mario Formisano.
According to the reconstruction of the newspaper, the former president of the ANM, and already a councilor at Palazzo dei Marescialli, believed there had been a delay in the registration after the transmission of the documents by the Public Prosecutor of Rome. The interception refers to the night of May 16, 2019. The conversation was recorded by the Trojan placed on the phone. “Alberto shit told me …”, Palamara railed, referring probably to a communication from a colleague who would have made him understand that the investigation had been closed. Spina – writes La Nazione – replies: “I don’t know, they didn’t send it to us … it may well be that someone who is about to retire wants to make you pay and in the meantime sends you this thing … eh … and then the request to archive “.

The story of the interceptions of the Roman prosecutor Luca Palamara, which has already led to the resignation of the leaders of the ANM, continues to stir the waters even of politics. THELega Senator Matteo Salvini asks the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella to dissolve the CSM. “I expect that the one who commands the CSM, or the President of the Republic Mattarella, will dissolve it, because after what we have read, some doubt that justice is the same for everyone comes and therefore a renaming with a draw is needed to cut the power system of the judiciary and give breath to the many free magistrates “. This was stated by the leader of the League Matteo Salvini who adds: “The CSM must be reset, we will make a reform of justice in the name of the Italian people and not in the name of some stream”.

“I am surprised. I have always written my own provisions, even the most complex ones. Perhaps it is also possible to write them in several hands but this should be officially”. The Deputy Prosecutor General of Bologna Valter Giovanninhe thus reacts to the publication, in ‘La Verità’, of chat conversations with the investigative documents of the Prosecutor’s Office of Perugia. From these dialogues it would seem that, although the extender of the CSM disciplinary ruling on Giovannini was Luca Palamara, another magistrate councilor, Nicola Clivio, contributed to the drafting. “At this point – says ANSA Giovannini, a former assistant prosecutor – it is urgent to ask the Prosecutor of Perugia for a copy of all the chats that somehow concern me”. Yesterday the magistrate announced his intention to ask the Umbrian Public Prosecutor, through his lawyer, if there are interceptions about his disciplinary affair, to evaluate asking for a review of the procedure. Giovannini was sanctioned with the censorship by the CSM, confirmed by the Cassation, for the case of Vera Guidetti, a 62-year-old pharmacist who killed his mother and then committed suicide, a few days after being heard by the pm, in March 2015, as witness in an investigation into a jewelry theft. The disciplinary section of the CSM had condemned the magistrate for having “neglected” the defensive guarantees for the protection of women and for having thus violated procedural rules.

But today the ex-CSM president Gianni Legnini and the ex-minister Giulia Bongiorno speak in two separate interviews on the Perugia investigation, from which these interceptions of Palamara emerge.

“Much of the wiretapping refers to a later period. Those related to my advice concern chats and messages between advisors and magistrates, which I could not know. I am surprised by certain expressions. Personally, I have always tried to guarantee the correct functioning of the organ. , as it was my duty to do, rejecting any partition logic “. He says it the former vice president of the CSM, Giovanni Legnini, in an interview with ‘La Repubblica’ about the earthquake that is involving the Italian judiciary following the publication of the interceptions of the Perugia investigation with the Roman prosecutor, Luca Palamara at the center.

“What I have read so far makes my wrists tremble because I am aware of the enormous power that a magistrate has. In the face of the scandal, many say that they are not surprised by the logic of the currents. I say instead that it is an intolerable logic, which does not attenuate and does not justify anything. ” To say this, in an interview with ‘La Stampa’, is the senator and lawyer of the League, Giulia Bongiorno who argues that the separation of judicial careers can be the solution to the problem. “The mere idea that a judge can acquit or convict not to dissatisfy a public prosecutor, as an exponent of a current capable of influencing the evaluation of the career of that same magistrate – he explains – scares me. More generally, citizens are being spreading distrust in the judges, if not distrust “.

“It seems that the government, the oppositions, all the parties, the magistrates and their associations, the mass media discover today what has been known for decades: the institutionalization of the currents in the judiciary, by means of the list vote in the CSM elections We radicals have raised this problem for over 20 years, in fact already in 2000 we collected over 500,000 signatures on a popular referendum for the abrogation of the list vote for the appointment of the members of the CSN tog. If politics had paid attention to us instead of trying to use the currents of the judiciary to their own illusory advantage, today we would be another country “. Massimiliano Iervolino, Giulia Crivellini and Igor Boni, Secretary, Treasurer and President of Italian radicals which revive the request to separate the careers of the magistrates.

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