Bufera Balotelli, that attack on social networks for training


After the case, open and closed, born from the long absence from the training ground of Mario Balotelli, here’s another one that takes hold on social media after the story published on Instagram by SuperMario. The striker of the Brescia it is not the first time that he uses social networks to respond to those who attack him, once again a few lines on a black background have served to reply.

Mancini: “Tonali as a big boy. Balotelli? And what should I say …”

Balotelli case at Brescia: Cellino does not receive him in the office

Balotelli, social storm

Someone would have written that Balotelli is not training with Brescia, who is not seen on the pitch. The former Inter wanted to have his say by clarifying the matter once and for all: “But how can you write that I don’t train at the field? There are journalists at the center of all my workouts, obviously with cameras! There are two workouts a day almost every day! How can you deny the evidence? I didn’t think I was a ghost invisible to telephoto lenses. At the right moment I will explain everything by sign and by sign and you will understand “ Mario wrote and published.

Beccalossi: “Balotelli? I am angry with him! “

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