Btp Italy 2020 record. It also breaks out among the institutional ones: the definitive numbers


Rome, 21 May 2020 – The Btp Italy 2020. Rossini’s crescendo is that of the last day of placement, operated from 10 to 12. Investors secure 8.3 billion of the title launched by the Treasury to face the post-health and economic emergency COVID-19. This compared to total orders for 11.25 billion euros, with a demand that has far exceeded 19 billion. If you add up the nearly 14 billion (13,966 to be precise) collected in the three days dedicated to savers, the total funding amounts to 22.3 billion, exceeding the results of the golden editions of 2013-2014 when four consecutive BTPs raised between 17 and 22 billion.

The sixteenth issue of Btp Italia thus becomes the largest ever completed by the Ministry of Economy since its launch. in 2012, of this tool. The previous record was due to the issue of November 2013 when BTp Italia collected orders for 22.271 billion, therefore a level slightly lower than today’s result. Considering that the objectives indicated on the market by the Ministry of Economy, between 13 and 16 billion, the MEF will now be able to exercise the possibility of going to the allotment, or to assign the securities exceeding the offer in proportion to the number of Btp Italia requested by each underwriter. Given these numbers, it is not surprising that the ministry also confirmed today the definitive annual (real) coupon rate all‘1.40%, without lifting it. For the institutional issue, the ISIN code the stock was IT0005410912.

Because BTP Italia has boomed

It is precisely the yield of the new security, much higher than 0.65% of the previous October issue, to help explain why that had stopped at 6.7 billion in total funding. To this is added the loyalty bonus of 8 per thousand for those who will hold the title for five years until the deadline. No bank commission for those who buy the title that enjoys taxation is facilitated at 12.5%.

The numbers: the Btp Italy it raised 13.966 billion in the three days dedicated to retail, with a growing demand which reached 5.211 billion yesterday after 4.018 on Monday and 4.767 on Tuesday.

The rate

The BTP Italia, with enjoyment on May 26, 2020 and maturity on May 26, 2025, was placed at a rate equal to 1.40%, confirmed today also with institutional investors. The yield is indexed to Italian inflation, and to be precise to the FOI index, without tobaccos. That is, the index of consumer prices for the families of workers and employees, net of tobaccos.

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