Brunini (Sea): serological tests for all Malpensa employees


Malpensa employee serological tests

MALPENSA – “Flying is already safe,” said Wizz air CEO Jozsef Varadi today at Malpensa to present the 20 new destinations served starting from July. But to increase the perception of safety in passengers who are still hesitant when buying a plane ticket, the CEO of Sea Armando Brunini announced that it is considering the opportunity of “carry out serological tests for all Malpensa front line employees». Anyone who enters the airport, therefore, will be sure to have a person in front of them who cannot transmit Covid to him.

The recovery of Malpensa

Serological tests on employees would be the latest anti-Covid measure implemented by Sea in order of time to make Malpensa a safe airport. It is the first step towards a slow and gradual return to normal. Traffic doubled in May, going from 500 passengers in March and April to about a thousand a day. It is still very little, but it is still a sign given that the regulatory limitations are still in force. The cap that slows the recovery is just that, not the question that would not be missing.
People want to go flying againSaid Brunini, who expects to reach i 3 thousand passengers on a date between 15 and 30 June: this will be the moment when Terminal 1 will reopen in view of a month in July when traffic could have a first decisive increase. “It will still be a fraction compared to last summer, but after the -99% of March and April we are finally starting the car again,” said the CEO of Sea to avoid fueling false hopes.

There is not only Alitalia

Brunini recalled that air transport, together with tourism, was the sector most affected by the economic crisis generated by the pandemic. But so far government aid has gone almost exclusively to Alitalia. It is a short-sighted choice: «Alitalia alone cannot bring the connectivity of our territories back to the levels it deserves. Betting everything on Alitalia seems excessive to me, I would have expected greater distribution. Not only the companies but also the airports deserve to be helped, because in recent years they have always invested and want to continue doing so “.

Malpensa anti-Covid airport. Sea: «Passenger safety is guaranteed»

Malpensa employee serological tests – MALPENSA24

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