Brunello Cucinelli leaves the role of a.d. and launches two 40-year-olds at the top


Brunello Cucinelli (Economic Imago)

“It is with great emotion and hope that I look to the future of humanity and our industry.” “I imagine that these two young men in their forties, men of great professional value and in love with the great universal concepts of truth, beauty and humanity, can conduct the business for a long time as an example of custody for future generations.”

These are the farewell words of Brunello Cucinelli from the position of CEO of the company he founded and which mark the rise to the top of Luca Lisandroni, for 4 years in the company from Luxottica and from Riccardo Stefanelli, husband of the eldest daughter Camilla, for 14 years within the company. Lisandroni and Stefanelli will be co-ceo with powers for the Markets area and for the Product and Operations area respectively.

The intention to take a step back in the company during 2020 had already been anticipated by the Umbrian entrepreneur, and was ratified by the shareholders’ meeting, which approved the 2019 financial statements.

Cucinelli will however retain the “executive” presidency and will have powers in terms of style, creativity and communication, confirming his role as Creative Director. Cucinelli then remains president and CEO of the parent company Fedone S.r.l., which holds 51% of the share capital.

This is the composition of the new board of directors: Brunello Cucinelli (Chairman of the Board of Directors), Riccardo Stefanelli, Luca Lisandroni, Camilla Cucinelli, Carolina Cucinelli, Giovanna Manfredi, Stefano Domenicali (independent), Annachiara Svelto (independent), Andrea Pontremoli (independent) ), Ramin Arani (independent), Maria Cecilia La Manna (independent) taken from list no. 1 presented by the majority shareholder Fedone S.r.l., and Emanuela Bonadiman (independent) taken from list no. 2, presented by a group of asset management companies and institutional investors;

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