broke the speedrun world record –


After eight years Ryan “Simply” Reeves beat the world record of speedrun of Super Mario 64, the one of the most ambitious and difficult category which includes the collection of all 120 hidden stars in the game. The Minnesota streamer made it in just 1:38:28, or 15 seconds less than the previous record, made about two months ago by Liam Kings.

The moment of victory it was particularly touching, with the speedrunner who burst into tears of joy and with his mother who entered her room to see what was happening, and then celebrated together with the son once he discovered his venture, also calling his father. It’s nice to see parents celebrating thevideogame enterprise of a son.

Consider that Reeves spent eight years ad to train in order to achieve this result, with all due respect to those who continue to think that speedrunners ruin the games because they finish them too quickly. Simply returned to streaming after a few years of stop, due to college and a carpal tunnel syndrome with tendonitis that prevented him from playing. Below we publish the stream recording with the record. If you want to see the topical moment, go to 5: 43.00.

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