Brilliant Piazza Affari that surpasses the Eurolistini


News Image (Teleborsa) – Purchases in Piazza Affari are unleashed, which outperforms the good day of the European stock exchanges.L’Euro / US dollar it is basically stable and stops at 1.101. L’Gold trading continues with a fractional gain of 0.66%. Light Sweet Crude Oil slumps 3.60% to $ 31.63 a barrel.

Slight worsening of the spread, which rises to +192 basis points, an increase of 3 basis points, with the 10-year BTP yield equal to 1.51%.

Among the main European stock exchanges small step forward for Frankfurt, which shows progress of 0.61%, made up London, which grew by a modest + 0.47%, and modest performance by Paris, which shows a moderate rise of 0.62%.

Earnings day for the Milan Stock Exchange, with the FTSE MIB, which shows a gain of 1.24%, continuing the positive streak that began last Friday; on the same line, earnings day for the FTSE Italia All-Share, which continues the day at 19,848 points. Good performance of the FTSE Italia Mid Cap (+ 1.39%), like the FTSE Italia Star (1.5%).

The sectors are distinguished in Piazza Affari retail sales (+ 2.68%), telecommunications (+ 2.19%) e chemist (+ 1.85%).

Top of the ranking of the most important titles of Milan, we find Ferragamo (+ 9.93%), BPER (+ 4.82%), Saipem (+ 3.26%) e Banco BPM (+ 2.72%).

Top of the Italian equities a medium capitalization, Bank MPS (+ 7.74%), MARR (+ 3.82%), Saras (+ 3.73%) e Banca Popolare di Sondrio (+ 3.48%).

The worst performances, however, are recorded on Danieli, which gets -1.15%.

Under pressure Piaggio, with a sharp drop of 1.11%.

Disappointing Acea, which lies just below eve levels.

lackluster Tinexta, which shows a small decrease of 0.55%.

Among the data relevant macroeconomics, at 12:00 this morning the Production Prices data will be distributed Italy. The Producer Price Index (PPI) indicates the change in the price of goods and raw materials purchased from producers. The index is a leading indicator of consumer price inflation.

Markets are waiting for Italy’s Producer Prices (the previous one was -1%), expected this morning after 12:00.

At 14:00 this afternoon the data on Consumer Prices will be distributed of Germany (expected value: 0.6%). The Consumer Price Index (CPI) measures changes in the prices of goods and services purchased by consumers over a predefined period.

(AGI) 28-05-2020 09:30

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