Brescia, Cellino on Balotelli: “A disappointment. With the head it is no longer with us” – La Gazzetta dello Sport


The president of Brescia on the attacker, who did not show up for training on Tuesday: “It has always been this way. Corini then spoiled him too much at the beginning, forgiving his delays”

Mario Balotelli? A delusion. Massimo Cellino, president of Brescia, says it without too many words. The last “balotellata”, with SuperMario who did not show up on Tuesday’s training, seems to be the classic drop that made the vase overflow. Although Cellino minimizes. “Perhaps the Balotelli problem is also magnified. Mario is a particular boy and it is also obvious that with his head he is no longer with us, nothing different than he has always been,” says the president, speaking in Telelombardia. In short, as if it were a lost cause.


Are you going to a separation? Cellino does not answer directly, but the judgment on Mario seen in Brescia already seems irreversible, despite the slice of the season still to be played. “Why didn’t Balo return? It also has to do with his management, especially at the beginning when there was Corini who loved him and he was also a bit spoiled. Some of his delays were accepted. It is wrong to blame everything only to Mario, but there is disappointment and perhaps there is also on his part “. And again: “I loved him, I hoped that the air of home and the desire of the national team would make him go well. We are all disappointed”.

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