Brescia, Balotelli case | Brother Enock to CM.IT: “It’s all nonsense”


Mario Balotelli @ Getty Images

Mario Balotelli has been at the center of several rumors about training with Brescia in recent days. At, here are the words of his brother, Enock Barwuah

Continue to keep bench at home Brescia, the Mario issue Balotelli. Yesterday there was talk of aabsence from ‘Super Mario’ scheduled workouts, without notice. Today, however, the bomber showed up at the sports center of the ‘Rondinelle’ of Torbole Casaglia and would have had a confrontation with the sports director, Stefano Cord. To try to clarify, our editorial staff contacted the brother of Balotelli, Enock Barwuah.

Here are his statements: “It’s all nonsense, I don’t understand why journalists write certain things – the words of Enock Barwuah, exclusively, at – ​​Mario trains every day like a professional. I don’t want to speak for him, but he is calm and he is also training regularly today. The future? He has a contract with the company and only that counts“.

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