Brescia, anti-nightlife curfew decided


What was announced on Facebook on Friday by the mayor of Brescia, Emilio Del Bono, has now become reality. The first citizen, through an ordinance, decided for the curfew. From 21.30 yesterday, Saturday 23 May, to 5 in the morning, all public businesses and food activities will be closed. The same will happen for the following day on Sunday 24. Already on Friday evening there had been a closure precisely because of too many people present in the city streets. Now Del Bono’s decision to sign an order that reduces the opening hours of the premises of one of the squares most frequented by the nightlife: Piazza Arnaldo.

Curfew in Brescia against the gatherings

“Taken note that, despite the specific control services by the Local Police and other law enforcement agencies, it was not possible to enforce the rules on social distancing and considering that there have been fights and quarrels, caused by the abuse of alcoholic substances with serious danger for public safety, urban safety and public health, as shown by the report of the Local Police “, Del Bono made the decision to close all the premises and businesses that remain open in the evening, to avoid risks.

Therefore closure of all public businesses and food craft activities, on 23 and 24 May from 21.30 to 5 on the following day. Next week, as reported by Tgcom24, the Provincial Committee for the Order and Public Safety will be convened, in order to evaluate the measures more appropriate to manage the situation in the best way. Those who do not comply with the ordinance in force will be punished pursuant to art. 4 paragraph 1 of Law Decree 25 March 2020 n. 19, with an administrative sanction of 400 to 3 thousand euros and the closure of the business or activity for 5 to 30 days. Del Bono explained that the decision was necessary in the face of too many people present who created gatherings despite the presence of the police. The mayor stressed that next week “The management of the square and surrounding streets during the evening will be defined with the managers of the premises and with the help of the police headquarters.”

“Serious and unacceptable” images

Riccardo De Corato, regional councilor for Security and Local Police of Lombardy has defined the images concerning the gatherings and nightlife in Milan, Brescia and other municipalities in Lombardy: “Serious and unacceptable”. De Corato then urged all the mayors of the Region to use the tools they have available, starting from the agents of the local police, to punish those who do not respect the rules. Finally, he applauded the reference to the rigor made by Governor Fontana, a line that must be valid for everyone, if you do not want to run the risk of jeopardizing the efforts made so far.

A problem, that of nightlife, which does not only affect Brescia, one of the cities most affected by the epidemic. Many cities have found themselves facing the issue. Just remember what happened in the Navigli area in Milan during the aperitif time: crowds of citizens drinking and having fun on the street. To try to limit the damage, Mayor Beppe Sala had to intervene, after many residents had reported the problem on social media and to the police. Not better in the South, where the Region has been in the past few hours Campania at the behest of the Governor De Luca has signed a new ordinance calling for the closure of the bars by 11 pm. Reggio Calabria has also announced measures in this regard.

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