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The premier Giuseppe Conte is at the end of the race. But the political big bang will soon hit all the majority parties. A background of the Corriere della Sera reports of a disturbing question that is being asked these days, Graziano Delrio: “In this period an idea was launched that underpinned a vision? An idea that did even discuss, for better or for worse, but that opened a debate, a controversy, a confrontation?”.

The implicit answer is no. In these 3 months of emergency coronavirus is full powers In the hands of the premier, the Giallorossi government has simply kept going. And the risk, warns the former minister of Pd (but the reasoning is shared, explains il Corsera, even on one side of the 5 stars) is the upcoming “breaking the relationship of trust between the country and the institutions, which would appear inadequate in the eyes of the citizens. “The proof that the government is in disarray is the way in which the majority has reached the decisive final point of the negotiations on Mes is Recovery Fund, as a true Brancaleone Army. A mistake that the Italians, out of the chaos of Phase 1, will not forgive at Palazzo Chigi. We are beyond the “normal government crisis”, unknown scenarios open up.

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