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The former boxer unleashed on the weekend in Arizona: first super crowded pool party, then night at the Night Club

Party. In the US, what had just passed was the Memorial Day weekend, a traditional taste of summer. Thanks to the pandemic, however, authorities and public figures had invited austerity to anti-Covid celebrations with the rules of social distancing always in mind. Floyd Mayweather didn’t listen to them. And he also put the evidence on social media, only to try to hide it. But on social networks, taking something away is never a good idea …

The party

The 43-year-old was in Arizona on the weekend. State in which restaurants have reopened since 11 May, but in which 631 new cases of coronavirus were reported on Saturday. Mayweather has resumed the pool party in which he participated: a great desire to have fun, but very few masks and social distancing as an unwelcome guest. As in the night club where the former boxer spent the evening: he was in the privée, however full of people and where masks and gloves were an option. Not quite the perfect example of that responsibility asked by the authorities.

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