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At next Tuesday’s challenge in the empty Westfalenstadion against leaders Bayern, Borussia will be in excellent condition. He won 2-0 in Wolfsburg, without convincing but convincing, he won with full merit thanks to his outsiders, Guerreiro and Hakimi, authors of the two goals. They are doing well in defense (where, however, the experiment of the recovery of Emre Can as free did not give the results hoped for by Favre), also well in midfield with Dahoud who had another game full of good things and well in attack (Haaland he liked it against Schalke, a little less this time) above all thanks to Brandt and Sancho who is a candidate for the return as a starter against Bayern.BAD FIRST TIME – It began with the Borussia technique and the Wolfsburg race, the construction of the Favre game and the demolition of Glasner. Different mentalities, almost opposite, arising from the difference of the two organic. Wolfsburg pressed all over the field, starting with the two strikers Ginczek and the giant Weghorst, attacked, ran, recovered the ball with a median, the 22-year-old Austrian Schlager, reminiscent of Kanté in a smaller format. But when he had to organize an offensive maneuver, he got lost immediately. In 45 ‘he concluded towards the door of the Borussians only once with a header from Weghorst ended outside.

THE GUIZZREIRO – In that tactical and athletic situation, the Dortmund team found some difficulty in making their usual game of banks, of rapid triangulations on the outside, of technical ideas brought by Brandt and Hazard, who concluded in the 25th minute with a left to side: it was the first shot of Borussia. But it was enough that Wolfsburg lowered the pace and decreased aggression to favor Borussia’s technique, which until then had never been dangerous. The goal reached the end of a very nice action and after all it is not easy for Favre’s team to make trivial goals. The attack on the right was a mix of excellent technique and perfect timing: slight touch of Brandt’s heel, Hazard’s veil, ball to Hakimi, then to Hazard, cross from the bottom, Haaland badly clicked the ball in the small area and that unexpected error sent the home defense out of time, so much so that Guerreiro of left was able to put the ball on the net freely. For Guerreiro it was the third goal in the first two post-virus games, the eighth of his championship: for a midfielder there are many.

EMRE CAN FREE: EVIL – It was the 31st minute and from then on Wolfsburg should have changed the game. In the last quarter of an hour of the first half he did not succeed. In the interval, however, Favre made a change that in his mind can become an idea for the future, but that as far as we have seen in these 45 ‘ did not convince at all: the former Juventus player Emre Can instead of Hummels (released as a precaution for a muscle ache: he does not want to lose the super challenge against his former Bayern), in the same role, that of central defender, the “free”, in the three-man defense. With Allegri, in Juventus, in the famous return game in the Champions League against Atletico Madrid, he made the third on the right in the defense with three with extraordinary results. This time the result was not at all encouraging. The first time he was called, after just 3 ‘of the second half, with an out of time exit he opened a hole in the center of the defense, Steffen found the green light but his conclusion in front of Bürki is incredibly out after having touched the crossbar.

SANCHO AND THE COUNTERFEIT – Wolfsburg was now attacking more insistently, Steffen fired a stone left that was rejected by Bürki after there had been another inattention in the Borussian area. As a central defender, better, much better Hummels than Emre Can. He entered Borussia Sancho in place of Brandt and speed, combined with his spectacular speed technique, led the Gialloneri to 2-0 with a clapping counterattack, which lasted just 13 seconds, started just beyond the limit of the Borussia area and ended in the Wolfsburg area: ball intercepted by Dahoud, Klaus jumped, then all at a touch and all in one breath, Delaney, Haaland, again Dahoud, ball at Sancho who Steffen jumped on the halfway line and snatched to the edge of the opponent’s area where he delivered the ball to Hakimi’s diagonal, goal at the second post. A few minutes later, Klaus made a foul on Akanji deserving the red. The game ended there.

THE TABLEWolfsburg-Borussia Dortmund 0-2
WOLFSBURG (4-4-2): Casteels 6; Mbabu 6 Pongracic 6 Brooks 6,5 Roussillon 6 (19 ‘st Klaus 4); Steffen 5 Arnold 6 Schlager 6,5 Mehmedi 5 (41 ‘st Joao Victor sv); Ginczek 5.5 (19 ‘st Brekalo 5.5) Weghorst 5.5. Subs not used: Pervan, Knoche, Tisserand, Horn, Justvan, Marmoush. Manager: Glasner 6.

BORUSSIA DORTMUND (3-4-2-1): Bürki 6.5; Piszczek 6 Hummels 6.5 (1 ‘st Emre Can 5.5) Akanji 6; Hakimi 7 Delaney 6 (38 ‘st Belardi sv) Dahoud 7 Guerreiro 7 (38’ st Schmelzer sv); T. Hazard 6.5 (34 ‘st Reyna sv) Brandt 7 (20’ st Sancho 7); Haaland 5.5. Subs not used: Hitz, Morey, Götze, Raschl. Manager: Favre 7

REFEREE: Siebert 6.5
MARKERS: 32 ‘pt Guerreiro (B), 33’ st Hakimi (B)
EXPULSED: 37 ‘st Klaus (W) for violent play
ADMONITES: 10 ‘st Delaney (B), 15’ st Ginczek (W), 20 ‘st Brooks (W), 29’ st Hazard (B), 40 ‘st Arnold (W) for foul play, 46’ st Schlager ( W) for protests.

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