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Negative start, as expected, for the main squares of the Old Continent after the latest increases and the correction of the US stock exchanges arrived yesterday evening   </p><div>

            <! - <EdIndex> -><p><img style="float: left;" src="" alt="bag-red" width="200" />Negative start, as predicted by the pre-opening futures, for the main squares of the Old Continent after the latest increases and the correction of the US stock exchanges that arrived yesterday evening. In Piazza Affari eyes on FCA, Atlantia and banking. Government bonds were placed in the morning (two BTPs and one CCTeu) for a total value close to € 7.5 billion.

After the very first stages of bargaining FTSEMib lost 0.61% to 18,239 points while the All Share falls by 0.54%. Also in the red are Mid Cap (-0.47%) and Star (-0.1%).

Negative closure, last night, for i major US stock indices, who slipped towards the end of the session. The Dow Jones suffered a drop of 0.58% to 25,401 points, while the S & P500 left 0.21% on the ground at 3,030 points. Negative performance also for the Nasdaq (-0.46% at 9.369 points). Negative session for the major social groups: Twitter lost 4.45%, while Facebook lost 1.61%.

It also dropped in the morning Tokyo (-0.18% for the Nikkei).

Starting drop for FCA (-2.24%) yesterday under the lens of Moody’s. According to reports from the agencies, meanwhile, Sace would have given its green light to the granting of the public guarantee on 80% of the 6.3 billion euro bank loan made available by Intesa Sanpaolo (-0.4%) for the Italian activities of the Italian American group. The final OK from the Treasury Ministry would now be awaited.

Banking attention still high. La Repubblica interviewed the number one for UBI Banca (-0.39%), Victor Massiah, on the oops of Intesa Sanpaolo. The manager stated that the institution expects clarity on the transaction, especially on the occurrence or otherwise of the MAC (“Material adverse change”) clause.

Down 1.01% Atlantia. According to Il Sole24Ore yesterday, the holding company would have given its willingness to open the share capital of the subsidiary Autostrade per l’Italia to the entry of new shareholders with a minority role.

Focus also on listed football clubs – Juventus (+ 3.14%), Lazio (+ 6.58%) e Rome (+ 3.09%) – after the news from the resumption of the championship from next June 20 (and of the Italian Cup from June 13).

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