Borsa Italiana, the comment of today’s meeting (28 May 2020)


Tonic start for banking sector securities: BPER Banca continues its run. Leap of Salvatore Ferragamo after a stop due to excess rise at the start of the day  </p><div>

            <! - <EdIndex> -><p><img style="float: left;" src="" alt="Market-positivo_2" width="200" />The main indices of Borsa Italiana and the main European financial markets started the day in<strong> positive territory</strong>, after the strong volatility recorded the previous day.

At 09.15 the FTSEMib recorded progress of 1.13% to 18.113 points, while the FTSE Italia All Share was earning 1.11%. Positive changes also for the FTSE Italia Mid Cap (+ 0.93%) and the FTSE Italia Star (+ 1.07%).

Positive closure for i major US stock indices. In evidence the Dow Jones, who ended the session with an advance of 2.21% to 25.548 points. The S & P500 also did well, rising 1.48% to 3,036 points. The rise in the Nasdaq was more limited (+ 0.77% at 9,412 points).

Definitely positive day also for the Tokyo stock exchange. The Nikkei index posted 2.32% progress at 21,916 points.

L’EUR it went above $ 1.1, while the bitcoin it remains above $ 9,000 (just under $ 8,500).

The Btp-Bund spread is confirmed at 195 points.

Tonic start for i banking sector securities.

The race continues BPER Bank (+ 3.97%).

Salvatore Ferragamo registers a jump of 7.6%, after a stop for excess of rise at the start of the day. The board of directors of the luxury company has approved a new governance structure. In detail, the Ferragamo family will concentrate on the guiding and strategic direction of the company, while executive tasks will be entrusted to managerial figures.

Excellent departure for Is in the (+ 1.38%). The electric giant has announced that it will reduce the closing times of the last coal plant in Chile. Enel has specified that any value adjustments deriving from the expected interruption of production of the two units of the plant would not however affect the group’s dividend policy. In addition, the electric giant has announced that it has increased its stake in the Chilean subsidiary Enel Américas up to 62.3% of the share capital.

Positive start for EXOR (+ 1.28%). The S&P agency confirmed the holding’s long and short-term debt rating, set at “BBB +” and “A-2” respectively. However, the experts have worsened the prospects, bringing them from “positive” to “stable”.

DiaSorin try the rebound (+ 2,02%), after the heavy correction suffered in the last two sessions.

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