borders closed to countries that block Italians


Italy opens to countries Schengen and to Great Britain, but the Old Continent does not reciprocate courtesy, at least for the moment. Tourists from these states will be able to move freely from June 3, without having to respect any protocol, therefore not even the 14 days of quarantine. For those arriving from other countries EUinstead, the reopening will take place from the 15th of next month, as indicated in the latest Decree of the Prime Minister.

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Reopening, restaurants and bar tables: termoscanner obligation
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The no of the Italian burns Greece, which will open from June 15 to 29 countries, but is continuing to keep closed to our travelers. So much so that yesterday the Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio he declared that he “demands respect” from our neighbors. Also because there are millions of euros at stake that risk going up in smoke, if the selective closings diverted to other shores, tourist flows usually directed to Italian locations. “Patience has a limit – the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs still attacked – I also understand the competition between individual states, it is legitimate, provided that it is healthy and fair. If anyone thinks of treating us like a lazar, then know that we will not remain motionless ».

Reopenings. Borders, Italy ready for the challenge. Mobility, the Regions are divided

And therefore, on June 9 Di Maio will go to Athens, where our ambassador is already showing strong regret for the decisions made. And the diplomatic representative is doing the same Berlin, where the minister will be on June 5, while the next day he will go to Slovenia. Our country relies heavily on German support (the Germany will reopen on 15 June to all EU states, including Italy), also for the weight that their decision will have onAustria and neighboring countries. The meetings will aim to explain that the country “is ready to receive foreign tourists and that we will act with the utmost transparency”, the minister stressed again. If, however, things do not change, from 15 onwards, the Italian border will also close again to those States that have shown little trust and no collaboration.

Behind the decisions to continue to keep the borders closed there are the numbers of the infections, especially those that continue to register Lombardy. Data that have driven some – Austria and Switzerland, as well as Greece – to a prudence that the Italian government considers excessive. Nothing to do, for now, even for the other main destination, Spain. Madrid has decided to keep closed until June 6, with the exception of cross-border workers, residents, diplomats, all with a quarantine obligation. In France, where the borders with Italy have always been open, it will be possible to go on condition of having a self-certification and declaration of absence of symptoms from Covid-19. Great Britain also has no restrictions for Italians, but a two-week quarantine will be mandatory from 8 June for those coming from abroad.

Meanwhile, great concern for the recovery of the situation is manifested by the trade associations Federalberghi and Confturismo: they believe that agreements are being created between some States to create “privileged corridors”, aimed at directing tourists to countries such as Croatia, Greece, Turkey. At the expense of Italy. “We need a European response – warned Di Maio again – because if we act in a different and decomposed way, the EU spirit is lost. And Europe collapses ». However, several continue to show distrust of our health situation. “Italy is still a hotbed, although in some regions the situation has improved,” said Vienna Health Minister Rudolf Anschober. Switzerland will only reopen its borders with Italy on 6 July.

Simultaneously with the opening to the Schengen countries, there will be the green light to the passage between Regions. And the data that emerges is that, if foreign tourists do not arrive, Italian tourists will still go on holiday, especially in the South and in the islands. According to an analysis by Coldiretti, seven million Italians will travel for tourism in June. Hope is placed on 40% of those who preferred travel abroad and who this year could decide, by force or conviction, to stay in the Belpaese, according to ENIT. An opportunity for national tourism after that – explains Coldiretti – during the last three months 81 million tourists have been lost due to the lockdown.

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