Bonus of 600 euros also for seasonal and intermittent, INPS: applications by June 3


Until 3 June, self-employed workers who were entitled to the bonus of 600 euros for the month of March, and have not yet applied. By Wednesday, therefore, they can make the request. Those who have already received the allowance in March, will automatically receive the one in April without having to request it once again.

But not only. The categories excluded from the Cura Italia decree and provided instead by the Relaunch decree, recently approved, must also apply. To specify it is the INPS with a circular that refers to the relaunch decree.

WHO IS UP. In particular, the relaunch decree recognizes an allowance of € 600 for the workers enrolled in the Workers pension fund for the months of April and May 2020 with some access requirements that divide the possible beneficiaries into 2 audiences: workers who have already benefited for the month of March (they do not have to submit a new declaration); workers enrolled in the pension fund Workers of the show with at least seven daily contributions paid in 2019, from which derives an income not exceeding 35,000 euros.

These workers of the show – since new category not recipient for the month of March 2020 of the Covid-19 allowance – must apply to INPS by June 3. Workers must not be holders of direct pension treatment and must not be holders of an employment relationship on the same date.

THE NEWS’. Even intermittent workers, those with an occasional contract, workers in charge of home sales and seasonal workers belonging to sectors other than tourism and spas will be able to ask INPS for the autonomous bonus of 600 euros.

“In recent weeks, with a special decree signed by me – writes Minister of Labor Nunzia Catalfo on Fb – 220 million euros have been allocated to: seasonal employees belonging to sectors other than tourism and spas; intermittent workers ; workers with a self-employment or occasional contract; workers in charge of home sales “. Categories which, he explained, as a consequence of the Coronavirus emergency, have ceased, reduced or suspended their activity or their employment relationship “.

“By connecting to the INPS website and entering the” Indemnity 600 euro “service, – he explains – all these workers can now request the bonus for the months of March, April and May, introduced by the Cura Italia decree and extended with the Relaunch Decree. Once the question has been asked, the three months will be paid to them in a single solution. My commitment and that of the whole Government to help those who have suffered most from the economic difficulties caused by Covid-19 – he concludes – remains constant ”

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