Bonus electric bikes and scooters: the best offers on Gearbest


A 120 million euro fund introduced in the so-called Phase 2 to facilitate mobility without compromising the needs for social distancing made necessary by the pandemic from COVID-19. L’electric bike incentive covers the 60% of the expense incurred to purchase the vehicle or service up to a maximum of 500 euros as indicated in Art.205 of the DL. In addition, to facilitate the use of bicycles, the Highway Code will be modified, providing for the construction of special ones bike lane, as can be read on the official government website.

To whom are the 500

The bonus valid until December 31, 2020 and it can be requested by any adult citizen residing in the regional capitals, in the metropolitan cities, in the provincial capitals and in the municipalities with a population greater than 50 thousand inhabitants.

retroactive, in the sense that those who purchased a device from 4 May 2020 will also benefit.

Maximum 1 voucher per person

Electric mobility bonus scooters

What can be purchased with the mobility voucher?

The means that can be purchased are: scooters, hoverboards, segways and bikes (electric and non-electric).

The good mobility for electric bikes is scooters aimed at reducing the cost of a pedal-assisted bicycle or a battery-powered scooter, but also covers the purchase of traditional muscle bikes. Comes on the wave of success found by the sector E-Bike in 2019.

How to receive the refund

To obtain the baster contribution, keep the expense document (invoice) and, as soon as it is online, access via credentials SPID (Public Digital Identity System) on the web application which is being prepared by the Ministry of the environment and also accessible from its institutional website.

As an alternative to the refund procedure, once the application is operational (within 60 days from the publication of the provision in the Official Gazette), the mobility voucher can be used through a digital shopping voucher that the beneficiaries can generate on the web application. In practice, interested parties will have to indicate on the platform the medium or service they intend to purchase and the platform will generate the electronic shopping voucher to be delivered to authorized suppliers, together with the balance at their expense, to collect the goods or enjoy the identified service.

Models to buy

Here are some models from buy on Gearbest among those more affordable. If interested, hurry up because after confirming the mobility voucher, the units available in the warehouse will quickly decrease.

At this link you can find many other electric bikes and electric scooters that can be purchased on Amazon.

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