Bonus domestic workers and carers, how to request it: the INPS handbook


44 thousand applications have already arrived: but 460 thousand out of 860 thousand regular domestic workers – those who will potentially require the bonus for domestic workers and carers, active from Monday on the INPS website and established by law decree no. 34/2020 (article 85. An audience that narrows because, as evidenced by the vademecum just published, there are several cases in which it is not possible to request the contribution of a total of 1000 euros (500 for April and 500 May) intended for those with a contract regular from before 23 February 2020 for at least ten hours a week, and are not living with the employer. A detail, this, which excludes a large share of carers, which represent 47% of registered domestic workers, but which in general they live with the people they care for, disabled or elderly.

The exclusions

The allowances therefore it cannot be combined with any of the emergency measures introduced to deal with the epidemiological crisis caused by COVID-19. That is, incompatible with those who already perceive or have perceived the contribution for professionals and workers with a coordinated and continuous collaboration relationship; with whom it takes the contribution for self-employed workers enrolled in the special management of the needle; with the allowance for seasonal workers of tourism and spas; with the allowance of workers in the agricultural and entertainment sector. No domestic workers / carers bonuses even for those who have already asked for a contribution for the income of last resort in favor of workers damaged by the COVID-19 virus or an allowance for workers damaged by the epidemiological emergency from COVID-19. There is also incompatibility for those who receive the bonus in favor of workers employed with collaborative relationships with the National Olympic Committee (CONI), the Italian Paralympic Committee (CIP) and related entities, companies and federations, for those entitled to the so-called income of emergency or who falls within the emergence of employment relationships. The indemnity also does not apply to pension holders (with the exception of the ordinary disability allowance) and to holders of permanent employment relationships other than domestic work.

Integrations with citizenship income

For domestic workers belonging to families whose citizenship income is less than the bonus amount, instead of giving the allowance, citizenship income of up to 500 euros is integrated. For example: if the applicant received an income in the amount of 300 euros in May, the application is accepted, for an amount equal to the residual 200 euros. If instead the housekeeper / caregiver or someone in her family already receives a citizenship or emergency income of 500 euros per month, then the application is rejected. According to the Technical Report, it is estimated that there are about 16,000 servants belonging to families with the citizenship income to be integrated for an average of 260 euros. So the overall burden on the state could reach 460.3 million by 2020.

How to submit the application

The application must be submitted to INPS in various ways: – online, from the website, authenticating with PIN, SPID (Public Digital Identity System) at least level 2, CNS (National Service Card) and CIE (Electronic Identity Card); – through patronage; – through the toll-free number 803164 (free from the fixed network) or number 06 164164 (from the mobile network with different tariffs for the calling user). In the reserved area of ​​the site it will be possible to download the receipt of the registered request, the acceptance or rejection of the application and view the payment information.

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