Bonus bikes, the 5 best quality electric bikes already discounted on Amazon


The bike bonus is one of the incentives included in the Relaunch Decree and highly appreciated by citizens: here are the tips on the best bikes for quality / price ratio

bicycle bonus

The Relaunch Decree in recent days has ordered the bonus regarding the purchase of bicycles is scooters, which aims to improve the environmental impact and moderate the use of cars which would lead to high traffic in the main cities.

To be precise, the bonus allows one discount for 60% on the total cost of the purchase. The maximum figure, however, is 500 Euros. As long as the area of ​​the Ministry of the Environment is not operational to deliver the digital voucher, the invoice for the payment must be kept (not the receipt, editor’s note) and then receive a refund in the future. The incentive will be valid for purchases that go from May 4 2020 to December 31 2021 (click here to find out if you can claim the bonus).

Bike bonus, the best Amazon offers: our choice

Our editorial staff has chosen the 5 best proposals of Amazon in quality / price ratio. Let’s find out what they are.

NCM Aspen – We’re talking about one fatbike, whose tires allow you to cross any type of high-end road surface. It stands out for its aluminum frame, which allows it to have a sustained weight (27 kilos). The removable 48 volt high-capacity lithium-ion battery guarantees up to 120 km of autonomy. A door USB integrated allows you to charge your devices on the go. Also equipped with a display with different features. Its list price is 1299.00 euros and the discount applicable to it 500.00 euros: the final cost will therefore be 799.00 euros.

E-Moon – Brand product F.lli Schiano, best reflects the classic walking bikes suitable for the city center. The lithium battery phylion wall-es-pe 37v 13ah 468wh, allows up to 80 kilometers of undisturbed travel. The I change Shimano Tourney it has 7 speeds. The full cost is of 667.93 euros, but with the 60% discount it drops to 267.18 euros. Moreover, Amazon offers 110 euro voucher for those who adhere to the offer Edison electricity and gas.

MoovWay – A really small bike given the 120 cm length for the 14 inches of the tires, however it has a compact frame that can support an adult. It belongs to the typology of folding bikes and therefore suitable for those who have little space in the house and can only store it in a closet. The battery capacity allows you to drive up to 20 km. The price is much lower than the previous proposals: 429.99 euros that with the discount they become 172 euros.

City Easy Ita99 – 26-inch wheels, perfect for the city center but also suitable for more inaccessible routes. It has a door USB to recharge devices such as smartphones on the move and certified luggage racks. Its average autonomy is approx 20 km. The product fully reflects the Made in Italy. The starting price of 716.27 euros drops to 286.67 euros.

Brinke Metropolitan Model – Higher quality product and range, it is a bike suitable for big cities. It sports an aluminum alloy frame weighing just 21 kilos. The exchange Shimano it features well 9 speeds and the battery, which can hold up to 1000 charging cycles, from 36v 11.6Ah (418Wh) has an average autonomy of 125 Km. The time to load it at most is 5 hours. The cost is 1799.00 euros and, with the deduction of 500 Euros, drops to 1299 euros.

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