Bonus bike and scooter, the obstacle course to get a refund


Bike bonus and the two “stages” – If an invoice and bank transfer are enough to get back the money spent on the home renovation, for the bicycle the journey is much longer. First, the government has distinguished a phase 1 and a phase 2 to get refunds for bikes and scooters. The first, taken on 4 May, will end when the incentive website is online, created by the Ministry of the Environment, which has two months to do so since the publication of the decree in the Official Journal.

Phase 1, buy and wait – And here comes the first catch immediately, because the decree that dictates the regulations for the bike bonus will not be the Relaunch decree but the “inter-ministerial decree implementing the Good Mobility Program”. For the moment, those who want to buy the bike must make the purchase in the shop or online, pay the full price and request the invoice and wait for the app. Only then can the process for reimbursement be started: it will be a matter of accessing the website with the Spid, the public digital identity system, loading the invoice and waiting for the money.

Online app … discount now? – Phase 2 of the measure will start just when the app is online: since then, says the government, “the citizen will pay 40% and the seller will receive a 60% refund”. But will it really be so? In reality, the “Truth” still underlines, the buyer must generate a digital shopping voucher giving all the data on the item he intends to buy, how much he will spend and where. And the seller must have authorization from the government. Will they all be automatically credited? Or will there be a list from which to go to buy bikes or scooters? In short, from the premises it does not seem that the process for buying a bicycle with a 60% discount will be really that easy. And how will it work with e-commerce?

Who will be able to take advantage of the bonus – Furthermore, there is also a final clause: initially the government had guaranteed the benefit to those who live in a city of over 50 thousand inhabitants. Now we are talking only of the regional or provincial capitals, of the municipalities with over 50 thousand inhabitants or of the municipalities of a metropolitan city. And finally you must have the residence and not the domicile in the Municipality concerned, with an additional complication for off-site students and commuters.

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