Bonus babysitter at 1,200 euros, technical problem


It’s easy to say bonuses. To the list of contingencies in the aid and subsidies branch, we now add the bonus babysitter. The INPS website is out of date and you have to wait for June 1st before you can apply. In reality, the inconvenience concerns only those who had already asked for the first 600 euros, those provided for in the Cura Italia decree in March, and now would like to obtain the second tranche after the extension to 1,200 euros which came with the Relaunch decree. Those who knock on the INPS site for the first time can proceed anyway (here is the guide to access the bonuses). The Minister for the Family, Elena Bonetti, ensures that the government will ensure that delays in responses do not occur. Everything should be fine in the first week of June.

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However, the question of funds remains unknown for the bicycle bonus and surroundings. The government is considering increasing funds compared to the 120 million euros already allocated. A figure which, assuming an average bonus of 250 euros, would cover 480 thousand purchases, against a potential number of people involved equal to 26 million. In short, many could have bought a bike or a scooter convinced of getting the bonus but would risk being left out. To limit the damage, more money could be added with an amendment in Parliament. While the Ministry of the Environment is looking for additional funds on other expense items. But on the numbers still early to understand how it will go.

It seems more difficult, however, that it can be refinanced the safe enterprise operation, 100% reimbursement of the costs incurred by the companies for masks, gloves, thermal scanners and other safety devices. The click day of May 11 had lasted a second as soon as he saw that the 50 million made available had ended immediately. Another call would make sense only with a massive allocation, otherwise this time too it would be not a click day but a click second. It is also true that from a quick analysis of the companies that have requested the reimbursement, some of them have been closed for years. Also in this sense it is easy to say bonus.

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