Bonus 600 euros, that’s who will have it automatically and who will have to apply


the March allowance can do so by the deadline of June 3. These also include holders of ordinary disability allowances, originally excluded from the allowance and fished out, also in relation to the month of March, thanks to the changes made by the Relaunch decree. The INPS note specifies that the applications previously rejected due to this incompatibility will be reviewed and accepted automatically by the Institute, with the consequent recognition of the relative amounts both for the month of March and for that of April.

Given the expansion of the audience of beneficiaries declined by the relaunch decree, show business workers with at least 7 daily contributions paid and with an income of no more than 35 thousand euros in 2019 will have to submit the application for the month of April.

The other categories of workers
The circular no. 67, on the other hand, deals with other categories of workers, covered for the month of March by the income of last resort, in the manner established by Ministerial Decree 10/2020, and for the months of April and May by the allowance of 600 euros provided for by the Article 84 of the relaunch decree. These are: seasonal workers from other sectors; intermittent workers; occasional workers registered with INPS; in charge of home sales

The circular specifies that for these subjects it will be sufficient to submit a single application to the social security institution to receive the allowances of March, April and May.

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