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Imola (Bologna), 31 May 2020 – We start again pedaling. It is booming sales of bicycles. Whether they are city bikes, mountain bikes, children’s or children’s bikes, for men or women, it doesn’t matter. But after a long quarantine, citizens have chosen to start again in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way, encouraged by the Relaunch Decree, who planned a mobility bonus and incentives for the purchase of bicycles and electric micro mobility vehicles, equal to 60% of the purchase value, for a maximum of 500 euros. In short, the people of Imola rediscover the beauty of riding a bicycle and traders struggle to keep up with requests. “We have been queuing outside the shop since May 4, that is, since we reopened after the lockdown – he explains Andrea Dosi, owner of Dos cyclesi (viale Guglielmo Marconi, 139) -. It is difficult to meet all requests, but we are doing our best. “From pedal-assisted bicycles to city bikes:” I can’t say which are the most requested – confesses Dosi -, perhaps city bikes. What we have noticed, however, is that customers who had not had this curiosity before the quarantine were also interested in bicycles. Throughout the month, people who never came before also came to us: many of them encouraged by the government bonus, which gave a nice boost especially for the undecided, but also for the desire to change the means, to stay open air, after months locked in the house “.

Francesco Quadalti comes out smiling from Bike Passion (Piazzale Ayrton Senna de Silva 2) on his new shiny red bike. “I came here to Marradi to buy it,” he confesses. Even at Bike Passion, since the beginning of the month customers have lined up and are waiting to be able to choose their preferred two-wheeled vehicle. The bonus, in fact, “also applies to scooters – he explains Marco Gaudenzi, Responsible for Bike Passion – but in general they are going less: our customers prefer to ride. “Women, men, children:” Usually the bike is a male sport – continues Guadenzi -, but now our customers are more differentiated: there are many families and many women. Even those who were out of the loop have now approached the world of bikes. ”

With temperatures summer, people want to get lost in the hills and experience nature. “People were tired of staying at home – adds Guadenzi – and now that he can go out, he takes the bike and goes to breathe in the middle of nature. They ask us for many mountain bikes, but electric bicycles are also going. Obviously, they have two prices. different “. Thanks to the bonus, you can give yourself a few more gifts: “The bonus has given a nice boost to purchases – concludes Guadenzi -. How does it work? You pay me the bicycle at full price, I do the invoice, a platform should come out on July 1st , or a website on which you can register. Once you have registered and entered your purchase details, you should make a return credit transfer, which is from 60% of the value of the bike, up to a maximum of 500 For example, the thousand euro bikes, discounted with the incentive, you can take them home with 500 euros: and above all, buy quality bicycles. It is a good opportunity. ”

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